Zoe Quinn @TheQuinnspiracy and #gamergate (USA)


Zoe Quinn is a games developer who was the subject of online harassment after her scumbag ex-boyfriend posted alleged details about her private life, thus kicking off the Men’s Rights “Gamer Gate.” Sadly, Quinn demonstrates her anti-lesbian credentials and panders to her fan base by embracing the anti-lesbian term TERF, invented by two heterosexual Women to minimize the concerns Lesbians and other Women have about gender identity and transgenderism. One of the inventors of the slur TERF, Viv Smythe, is connected to Geek Feminism, which recently prioritized the feelings of Transwoman Rapist Dana McCallum over the fact that Dana McCallum is a rapist.

All of these people have existed online for years, telling each other that penis is female and gender is fluid. We encourage these people to interact with reality-based humans from time to time to counter their delusions.


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