TERFs attempt to sabotage the long standing Glasgow Feminist Network


You wanna hear some massive ‘feminist’ bullshit?

Feminists are people who stand in solidarity with other women, right? Who don’t shit all over other’s feminist work, no? And Radical Feminists, why they are so *fucking rad* that they gotta be the feministest, eh?

Ahahahahahahahahaha. Ahahahahaha. Let me tell you a fucking story.

A while ago a bunch of feminists put together the Glasgow Feminist Network. Some were younger feminists, some were older feminists, some were for sex workers rights, some were abolitionists, some trans allies and some transphobic but overall it was not an actual radfem hideout. There were some tendencies within the group, but it was not the intent of it as a collective.

There’s a website, a FB like page, and a closed Facebook Group.In the closed group, we recently had had a bunch of  butting heads on sex work issues. Meanwhile, some people tried to revive it…

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7 thoughts on “TERFs attempt to sabotage the long standing Glasgow Feminist Network

  1. I remember that, I also remember the person who did that getting a lot of flack from radical feminists for kicking the admins out. Regardless of the fact that radical feminists were and are kicked out of feminist spaces online and offline it’s not right to just kick women out and try to take over, it’s wrong. Really didn’t help it seems, in my opinion. Out of curiosity, what was your comment on the Facebook page? It seems to have been removed.

  2. True, online opinions seem to be quickly informed on incomplete information or no information all.

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