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Autumn Sandeen is a Man who identifies as a Woman who has written an op-ed about the alleged outing of the anonymous blogger Gallus Mag by theTransadvocate‘s Cristan Williams and Dana Lane Taylor and his opinions on the art of a Woman they believe to be the blogger Gallus Mag. Despite the fact that there is no evidence that this Woman is, in fact, Gallus Mag, Sandeen opines at length about her art and what it represents about her psychology. Sandeen, of course, suffers from mental illness, by his own account, and is not in fact trained in diagnosing people over the Internet.

As an aside, the art by the Woman these Men are harassing is pretty great; you can see it here.

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    What is it with these ex-military trans? They act like womanhood is some country they are invading for “just cause” and treat women who rightfully object to middle aged men in bad drag calling themselves women instead of something honest like transgender male like they are “enemy combatants”. But soldiers have always dehumanized the people who’s land they invade, it is no different with ex-military transgender males.

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