Claire Kohner @ClaireRightHere @TheMNColumn and Transwoman “Journalism” (USA)


Claire Kohner is a Man named Craig Richard Kohner who identifies as a Woman. Kohner recently published an interview with Allison Woolbert, another Man who identifies as a Woman, in which they speculate about this blog and the Women who contribute to it. After noting that Kohner made no effort to contact anyone at this blog, Kohner, who claims to be a journalist, tweeted the following:

hahaIn 2014, it is common for Transwomen journalists to conduct themselves like partisan activists.

Kohner then pretended that there was an attempt made to “get in touch” with Cathy Brennan; this is, of course, false.

Kohner ultimately emailed me a list a questions that I answered; you can read those questions and answers here.


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