Melanie Davis @ElHispanicNews (USA)


Melanie Davis is the publisher of PQ Monthly, a Gay/Transwomen Men’s Rights publication that regularly publishes content that denigrates Lesbians. She recently published an op-ed featuring transwomen’s responses to the New Narratives conference. New Narratives is an effort of Transwomen who are actual allies to Women, and who understand the relevance of biology and male socialization.

The op-ed is noteworthy only for a “disclaimer” that states that “Due to safety concerns, PQ isn’t publishing authors’ names alongside TERF-related stories.”

This is a remarkable statement given the harassment Women have experienced at the hands of Transwomen for expressing the opinion that 1. biological sex exists and 2. Women are entitled to space away from Transwomen. Numerous publications track media bias, as this blog does, including Right Wing Watch. We are unaware of any other publication that has ever declined to print the names of writers because of “safety concerns.” Such a maneuver is both manipulative and allows writers to avoid responsibility for the defamatory statements they make. Indeed, Davis does nothing here except pander to a Trans constituency, as there is no evidence that there are any actual “safety concerns” to anyone who writes abusive content about Lesbians.

Davis also betrays her MRA agenda by her uncritical embrace of TERF, which is a slur against Women (and, ironically, Transwomen) who understand that Transwomen are, in fact, male.