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Claire Kohner is a Man who identifies as a Woman who recently conducted an interview with Allison Woolbert, another Man who identifies as a Woman who is engaging in a campaign of harassment against Women who know both he and Kohner are Men. The project, called the TERF Tracker, is administered by Harrison Savage, another Man who identifies as a Woman. The interview includes the following exchange:


It is unclear how either of these Men would know how any Woman feels, as no Women are interviewed here, and no Woman who writes for us would talk to Woolbert.

Men are not the experts on how Women react to abuse by Men. If Kohner wants to act like an actual journalist, he is free to contact us.

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9 thoughts on “Claire Kohner @ClaireRightHere @TheMNColumn (USA)”

  1. Hi!! It’s Claire, if you would like me to act like a real journalist [something I actually went to school for], then contact me either through my blog, on twitter or a PM through facebook. I am more than happy to tell your side of the story as a rebuttal.

      1. No really Ms Brennan, I’m more than happy to send you a list of neutral interview questions…that ball has now been placed in your court. Honesty, I did try to contact you.

  2. I will work on the questions tonight, once the article is written I can offer you a final proof prior to submission. I’m sorry you don’t believe me, I am trying to engage with you civilly, I only hope that you will return the same courtesy.

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