Amelia Horgan @ameliasylviae @CUSUwomen (UK)


Amelia Horgan is a women’s officer for Cambridge University Student Union’s Women’s Campaign, and a self-described angry anarchafeminist, degenerate militant and “disgrace to the principles of liberalism.” In response to reasoned push back from Women about the defamatory targeting of Caroline Criado-Perez, Horgan displayed rank immaturity on social media, as evidenced here.

Liberal feminists like Horgan fail to realize that Women are actually permitted to disagree with an analysis that posits that males can become Women by mere declaration. Women and girls are oppressed across the world on the basis of our sex. We are born into subordination.

Horgan clearly must understand that Male biology exists, as she has spoken in support of sex education:

If sex is irrelevant, what is the point of discussing sex education? For example, Women could simply “identify as” Men and face no consequences of unprotected sex.