Autumn Sandeen is a Man who identifies as a Woman who writes a column for the San Diego LGBT Weekly called Trans Progressive. He recently wrote an op-ed about the alleged outing of the anonymous blogger Gallus Mag by the Transadvocate‘s Cristan Williams and Dana Lane Taylor. It is stunning that LGBT publications regularly publish material with no basis in fact. It is more stunning that Sandeen fails to mention that he himself has engaged in abusive harassment of this blogger for years because she disagrees with his politics.

If a Man asks you "are you afraid?" the correct answer is probably "I am now, creep."
If a Man asks you “are you afraid?” the correct answer is probably “I am now, creep.”

The most disturbing aspect of his op-ed are his exhortations against “violence.” If your movement demands that you tell its followers not to be violent, chances are you are in a movement that endorses violence.

Sandeen equates knowing he is a Man with an act of violence.

He also used his Transgender Hulk account to encourage his followers not to be violent.