The Trans Fags @outmagazine (USA)

Out Magazine has published an article called The Trans Fags that discusses Women who identify as Gay Men. One such Woman noted that she used to identify as a dyke:

‘But when I started hormones my sex drive got jacked up a crazy amount, and something just switched biochemically or something. There’s a quote that goes around in the trans community: Testosterone makes you gay. It’s kind of true for me.’ 

Testosterone actually makes Lesbians into Heterosexuals. Many Women, myself included, know Lesbians who “transitioned” and then engaged in sexual relationships with Men. An increased sex drive is a side effect of testosterone, as is emotional detachment.

TARHEELS AND TRANSFAGS _ Beyond Masculinity.

The Trans Fags – Page 3 _ Out Magazine.

The Trans Fags – Page 2 _ Out Magazine.

The Trans Fags _ Out Magazine.