Faruk Ateş @KuraFire @Modernizr @Presentate & @OneWebForAll (USA)


Faruk Ates is a man who thinks that he has a right to tell Women what they should think about Gender. in the past he has also lectured gay people about how we should advocate for our rights.


2 thoughts on “Faruk Ateş @KuraFire @Modernizr @Presentate & @OneWebForAll (USA)

  1. Instead of saying “feminism has effectively kicked “TERFs” out”, it is more accurate to state that any woman branded a “TERF” has been subject to death threats and a deliberate campaign of bullying tactics and silencing. Why are they so afraid to let some women speak?

    Women need to realize one important thing. If men can make these threats to certain women, they can do this to any woman. It’s about silencing women’s voices, and there is nothing new or revolutionary about it.

    (Source: http://radfemsrespond.wordpress.com/recent-anti-feminist-hate-speech/)

    (Source: http://secretlyradical.blogspot.nl/2014/08/terfweek.html)

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