Jetta Rae Robertson and Ravishly @jetta_rae @ravishlydotcom @robynejohnson & @kelleycalkins (USA)

Jetta Rae Robertson is a Man who identifies as a Woman. He recently wrote a grossly homophobic op-ed for Ravishly about the blogger Gallus Mag, who was recently allegedly outed by the Men’s Rights Activists Cristan Williams and Dana Lane Taylor. In his op-ed, he refers to “Cathy Brennan supporters” harassing him. Since I have never heard of him, I emailed Ravishly using its contact us information to state that I have never heard of this person.

In response, Robertson admits he has no proof of whatever harassment he experienced, but that doesn’t stop him from playing victim to his Twitter followers.


In 2014, media outlets posing as objective news sources just make shit up about Women they dislike. In 2014, homophobia is always ok when directed at Women who know transwomen are male.

An Open Letter To The Woman Who Has Harassed The Trans Community—My Community—For Years _ Ravishly Edited

An Open Letter To The Woman Who Has Harassed The Trans Community—My Community—For Years _ Ravishly

AKA DoubleCakes on Twitter_ _Cathy Brennan is writing my employer to get my article taken down Whois Lookup – – Who

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  1. Trans* activists who orchestrated the hateful attack on Michigan Women’s Music Festival, and all the males responsible for death threats against “TERFs”…..

    Playing the victim while making death threats against “TERFs” and telling women what they can and cannot do on their privately owned land.

  2. Jetta Rae also wrote a spurious article about Lily Cade in reference to the whole twitter drama between Lily and the trans porn people making up a bunch of shit about Lily too. This is an overweight male sad that he can’t make it in lesbian porn.

    1. Jesus Christ this is some rape culture

      “I can’t know what turmoil exists in Lily Cade. I don’t know what motivates her to make her disgust of trans bodies the compulsory standard of the lesbian porn genre. I don’t know why she and her followers are so invested in causing tenable harm against trans woman by labeling Chelsea Poe a rapist. But I do understand why she thinks she’s a good person for doing it, and how her actions have been informed by cultural prejudices. Because even though she has repeatedly harassed my community, I still yearn to educate, to calmly explain—to ingratiate myself in the hopes that through my humility and vulnerability I can convince them to show compassion to trans women, who are murdered at a rate of 1 per 36 hours and desperately need mainstream visibility and corresponding cultural acceptance of their bodies to survive.”


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