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  1. Biological males are NOT female. Adult females are called women. No matter what they do, they can’t force people to believe something that they know isn’t true. There will NEVER be an end to a discussion when the majority of people aren’t buying their bullsh**. Deep down in their hearts, the majority of women don’t believe that a man can become a woman by just claiming he is a “woman”, or he feels “womanly” inside. Many transwomen still have intact penis and testicles, and many are biological fathers. No, hell no! Men aren’t women.

    The human species is sexually dimorphic, and all primates reproduce sexually. No primate can change its sex. Please don’t bring up disorders of sexual development (intersex) because intersex is NOT the same thing as transgender.

  2. I dunno… I really like Anita, and I feel like she’s been getting so many threats from MRAs that she didn’t want more threats from more MRAs (MTTs). I feel it’s nothing more than capitulation. She’s a baby feminist. I used to believe that trans women were women, and then I realized that believing that requires me to also believe in brain sex, but it’s been hard. I’ve lost friends and alienated people. She’s doing good things. Okay, not everything she does is great, certainly. I don’t agree that transwomen are women, but there is so much pressure backed by threats for feminists to accept them that it’s not surprising to me that women toe the party line. She can’t die on every hill. Can you imagine how many more death threats she’d be getting if she didn’t “agree”?

        1. I absolutely understand why she is doing it, but her act of doing it plays into the divide and conquer nature of trans politics. She has a massive platform, and this kind of action hurts women. She could simply say nothing. She’s making a conscious decision to throw women she has decided are expendable to the wolves. This is shameful behavior.

  3. I agree that it’s damaging. She has such a huge, mainstream following that she could be an extremely valuable voice for women. I still feel she has good intentions, but pandering like that takes the teeth out of feminism. I’m sure she’s getting plenty of response tweets. Mine was one of them.

  4. I’m glad you called her out here. Sarkeesian of all people shouldn’t be ending discussions. And it’s hard to sympathize with the trouble she’s getting when she decides that other women aren’t worth listening to.

  5. I would like to follow up on my previous post. I really don’t care how people dress, or whether or not they identify as transgender. Having said this, males are not female, and they can’t magically turn themselves into “women” by simply claiming they are women. I never gave any male the right to steal my identity as a female. Why are women the only historically oppressed group of persons who aren’t granted the right to define themselves? Humans born male say they are “women”, and I say they aren’t. Why are they right and I’m wrong? Truth be told, the majority of women don’t believe it, but women are socially conditiioned to keep quiet and put the needs of EVERYONE else above their own needs and interests.

    Males basically define everything in the world, and now they get to define who is and isn’t a “woman”. I have problems with this, and so should most rational women. Males are not female, and thus not “women”. They can try to shove this down the throats of women, but they can’t force women to believe something that isn’t true.

    “I dunno… I really like Anita, and I feel like she’s been getting so many threats from MRAs that she didn’t want more threats from more MRAs (MTTs). I feel it’s nothing more than capitulation.”

    I’m sure she is aware of death threats against “TERFs” (basically any woman trans* activists don’t like). On some level, it probably is capitulation. I hope she realizes that no one owns “feminism”, and my opinions are just as important as hers. At least my opinions are my own, and not something that men have decided for me.

    For thousands of years, patriarchy has always had its female handmaidens. I hate to say this about any woman, but we know it’s true. Women have always sold out their own sex for a variety of reasons.

    Feminist Frequency doesn’t own my thoughts….

  6. I argue that erasing the female sex as a distinct class of persons and replacing it with “gender identity” is the most odious form of sex discrimination. It’s sex discrimination on its face. The female sex exists in and of itself. It’s not a collection of culturally defined characteristics and attributes that society says is “feminine”. All “gender identity” laws do is codify sex based stereotypes into law. No matter what a transwoman (biological male who “transitions”) does or doesn’t do, he can’t prove that “gender identity” isn’t wholly or partially based on sex based stereotypes. That is, he is a “woman” because he likes to fear “feminine” clothes and doesn’t like sports. Males who are effeminate aren’t “women”. They are just males who are different. As a female, my existence isn’t based on what society says is and isn’t proper “feminine” behavior.

    “Men have been adjudicating on what women are, and how they should behave, for millennia through the institutions of social control such as religion, the medical profession, psychoanalysis, the sex industry. Feminists have fought to remove the definition of what a woman is from these masculine institutions and develop their own understandings. Claims to the ‘right’ to self define ‘gender’ subject womanhood to men’s power to define it again.” – Sheila Jeffreys, Gender Hurts

    “Transgender theory and practice contradicts the very basis of feminism, since feminism is a political movement based on the experience of person who are women, born female, and raised in the female sex caste.” – Sheila Jeffreys, Gender Hurts

    I’ve always been offended by trans* activists telling women that they have “cis privilege” because women are conditioned by society to be “feminine”, demure, etc. The very idea that women have “cis privilege” is an insult to the entire female sex.

    I hope Anita realizes that many trans* identified males bash feminists at the same rate and frequency as rabid MRAs. This is how it works for people who don’t know what is going on. They play the poor, pitiful me act to guilt trip women, saying they are just like “women. While they are doing this, they bash feminists with the same amount of zeal as the most rabid anti-feminist MRA. I’m not talking about the average bloke who is basically decent, but the men who really hate feminists with a passion.

    This is just one example of feminists bashing coming from a trans* person known as Angelica Perduta. Check out his videos, especially the one called “Privilege Patriarchs”.


    Cozy up to women and play on our sympathy, and then join feminist bashing MRAs. They have perfected the fine art of working both sides of the fence. When push comes to shove, and all the cards are laid on the table, they are fundamentally a men’s rights movement. The only way they can succeed is by using bullying tactics, death threats against “TERFs”, etc. to silence women they can’t control. The attack on MIchigan Women’s Music Festival which is held on privately owned land should have made women take notice that it’s all about them. If women don’t believe me, then try this experiment. In a crowd full of trans* activists, try saying something like, “I read Gender Hurts, and Jeffreys makes some cogent arguments”. Or, try saying intact transwomen (still has penis) shouldn’t be using women’s restrooms or locker rooms. Stray off the path of the officially approved trans* talking points on ANY subject and see how long it takes to be attacked.

    It’s about controlling what women say and do, and men have been trying to silence women for thousands of years. At its core, trans* is a men’s rights movement that has nothing to do with feminism. Women who actually take the time to research it, know what is happening.

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