Charles Clymer @cmclymer #stopclymer (USA)


Charles Clymer is a Men’s Rights Activist who has been accused of being a faux feminist. He recently discovered that if he came out as “gender nonconforming” all would be forgiven.

Clymer is actually a Man, regardless of his feelings about it.

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One thought on “Charles Clymer @cmclymer #stopclymer (USA)

  1. Narcissistic twit claiming he is special because of “gender dysphoria”, “gender nonconforming”, or whatever…..nothing new here.

    Saying they are feminist allies, and all the while censoring what women say, and bashing feminism every chance they get.

    The new “feminism” will be led by men like Charles Clymer and Joelle Ruby Ryan because stupid women can’t do anything right.

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