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Anti-feminist trans activists like kit Crosland of TransActive are upset that the Q Center in Portland, Oregon, rented space to transwomen who disagree with statements of Crosland’s like this one:

“Most of the time when we’re talking about women, though, we’re talking about things that are relevant to all women. Issues surrounding misogyny and rape culture hurt all women, whether they are transgender or not. And this is where the blanket statement ‘all trans women are women’ is incredibly useful to help people understand. The statement ‘all trans women are women’ illustrates a very important concept—that while there are certainly trans people who identify outside of the binary as neither men nor women, trans people who do identify within the binary do not belong to some third gender. There are not women and trans women, but rather cis women and trans women, who are all, at the end of the day, women.”

In 2014, Transgenderism dictates that transwomen who understand that they are male should not be allowed to create their own space to discuss their shared understanding and awareness of their maleness and what it means to transition and live as a woman.

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  1. They are bashing other transgender people for the thought crime of thinking for themselves. It’s hilarious because the title is, “Q CENTER RENTS SPACE TO TERF AFFILIATED “NEW NARRATIVES”. Transgender people are calling other transgender identified persons “TERF AFFLIATED”.

    I love New Narratives, and I could just give them a hug.

    Minefield also asserts that no means of medical intervention can fundamentally alter the biological state of
    maleness or femaleness within an individual; furthermore, the condition of being brought up socialized into
    the mores of a given sex precludes a trans person from being able to claim that they had “always been”
    their true gender. “When I was little, I acted in ways that I learned were considered feminine,” Minefield
    gives as a personal example in the May 3 Tumblr post. “I also learned that since I was a male and hence a
    boy, this was unacceptable. When I got older, I still acted in ways that were considered odd, but mainly
    because I was perceived (correctly) to be male. So there was no way I could have known ‘how it feels to be a
    woman’ because I’d never been treated like one. Similarly, there was no way I could know how it feels to be
    female, since I never had (and never truly will have) a female body. My body has been feminized through
    transition, but it’s not the same thing.”

    In the view of Minefield, this sensibility is one that is healthy for trans and cis people alike to embrace.
    “Accepting all of these facts has allowed me to make peace with a lot of things about being trans that used
    to trouble me, and I’ve achieved much greater consistency in my thinking,” they state. “I honestly believe
    that a more realistic approach to conceiving transness will lead to healthier outcomes for us, physically and
    mentally; as well as allowing us to co-exist ethically and respectfully with women born female.”

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