Human Rights Campaign @hrc Congressional Scorecard (USA)

The Human Rights Campaign continues to demonstrate its MRA tendencies by using support for legislation that overwrites protections based on sex as a proxy for being a “good legislator.”  HRC claims that its Congressional Scorecard “provide(s) you with information on how your elected officials have voted on issues of equality.” According to the HRC, voting for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (S. 815), which codifies sex stereotypes, is a vote for “equality.”

Congressional Scorecard.

One thought on “Human Rights Campaign @hrc Congressional Scorecard (USA)”

  1. HRC is a transgender/men’s rights organization, and the female sex doesn’t even exist according to these people. I argue that erasing the female sex as a distinct class of persons and replacing it with “gender identity” is the most odious form of sex discrimination. It’s sex discrimination on its face. The female sex exists in and of itself, and is not a collection of culturally prescribed attributes or characteristics that society says is appropriate “feminine” behavior. Try explaining “gender identity” to me without resorting to sex based stereotypes. It’s impossible to do because culture and “gender” are so intertwined. Despite all the politically correct dogma and talking points, there is no clear definition of “gender identity” other than how a person identifies at any particular point in time. In reality, “gender identity” codifies sex based stereotypes into law.

    Like all oppressed groups of persons. women have a right to define themselves. I do not give males permission to steal my identity as a human female. They do not merit this honor. Men define basically everything in the world, and now they get to define who is and isn’t a “woman”. I could care less if people identify as transgender, but males are not female.

    It is biologically impossible for any primate to change its sex, and we are a sexually dimorphic species. “Gender identity” laws attempt to change something that is inherently part of our species. Healthy children are being prevented from going through puberty and are being sterilized based on a psychological diagnosis/culturally defined term. Some FTMs become pregnant after legally changing their sex to male, and many MTFs are biological fathers with fully intact male genitalia. The human species can only be pushed so far before it becomes truly Orwellian.

    In addition to the fact that “gender identity” is sex discrimination (sex stereotypes) on its face, “gender identity” laws that allow biological males to access women’s restrooms, locker rooms, etc. violate the basic human right of privacy, dignity, and personal autonomy of women.

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