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Evangeline Weiss

Evangeline Weiss

The National LGBTQ Task Force issued an apology for publishing a blog by Evangeline Weiss, its Leadership Programs Director, called Bye Bye Bi, Hello Queer in which Weiss says:

it’s time to say no to the word “bisexuality” because it reinforces and reifies the gender binary, which is problematic for a lot of reasons. The binary idea that humans are either/or, that we are either/or man or woman and hold either/or masculine or feminine attributes, is misguided. Binary attributions of gender hurt our children, our creativity and our society. When we grasp at this fiction, we serve power structures and patriarchy in awful and violent ways. We limit our notions of self, of who we can love or who will love us, and we justify endlessly problematic labels and stereotypes.

The Task Force apologized after the Bisexual Community raised concerns that although Weiss has the right to identify in any way that suits her, she should not impose her view on people who do identify as bisexual. They also took issue with her assertion that the word supported the “gender binary” (sic).

The Task Force fell all over itself to apologize to Bisexuals, as the Task Force recognizes that its continued existence depends on the support of non-homosexual people – which is also, by the way, why it changed its name from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force to the National LGBTQ Task Force.

I’ve looked high and low on the Task Force’s blog for an apology to Lesbians (you know, females/women who are romantically, sexually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually attracted to other females/women), but I could not find one! The Task Force believes that Women are bigots for recognizing biological sex and how biological sex leads to the oppression of Women and Girls, so it is not surprising that the Task Force would fail to notice its own hypocrisy in apologizing to one Identity Group (Bisexuals) while demonizing another Identity Group (Lesbians) for refusing to bow down to yet another Identity Group (Transgender).


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  1. The “Task Force” constatly ignores death and rape threats directed towards lesbians. It completely ignored the lesbian phobic “Cotton Ceiling”.

  2. If this bisexual woman said she read, “Gender Hurts” and thinks Sheila Jeffreys makes some cogent, well- reasoned arguments, she could get “TERF” death threats too. Or, transgender activists could picket her house, harass her online, etc.

    It really doesn’t matter if a woman is straight, bisexual, or lesbian, and it doesn’t even matter if she identifies as a feminist, radical or otherwise. It’s whether or not she blindly follows the standard trans* talking points.

    The “Task Force” is a transgender/men’s rights organization, and it only tolerates women who do as they are told.

  3. Look at how transgender activists went after Christine Benvenuto, the woman who wrote a book about how her husband’s “transitioining” impacted her. They only tolerate women if they play the dutiful wife role of total support for his needs.

  4. I admit that transgender activists harass lesbians more, and most of their hatred is directed towards lesbians, but it’s not just lesbians. This is blog is from a woman who went through the emotional turmoil of watching the man she was with “transition”. Of course, she was told that it’s all about HIS needs.

    “I was told that I was “homophobic” AS WELL AS “transphobic” because I refused to call myself a lesbian. WHAT?? He is a man!! What madness was this???

    I went to the doctor and was given anti-depressants. Nobody wanted to hear about my problem with the trans. I was told that “she” must be suffering too.

    I went to the LGBT centre and asked if they had a group for partners of transitioning males. The young man looked at me, puzzled, “Um, well we have a group for trans women and their friends and families…isn’t that enough?” he asked. I tried to explain why maybe it wasn’t a good idea for women who were struggling in their relationship with a male partner who was insisting he was now a woman for those women to be discussing their problems with their male partner in* the* same* fuckin* room*…..crickets. Eventually he said he would ask the tranny group what they thought. If they were OK with it, then they would “think about it”. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out their response…. More men telling women what they can and cannot do.”

  5. It’s just not lesbians continued….

    “My sense of self, and my belief that I was entitled to set limits or boundaries was gradually eroded as the TRANS STUFF came to dominate and shape every corner of my life. I never knew where or when the next assault to my psyche was going to come, and so I existed for a long time in a state of hyper vigilance. That is, until such time as my ability to dissociate kicked in.

    I know from observing trans support groups that many of these men say, “My wife is fine with it – she just doesn’t want to talk about it or see it”.

    Many women are surviving through disassociation.

    Let’s not forget that a well-orchestrated and financed propaganda machine surrounds these men. It has the effect of silencing not just those of us who oppose on ideological principles, but all women who are within these relationships who question the idea that these men are ” women trapped inside men’s bodies “, or who’s lives have been ripped apart by these men.

    I know from bitter experience of reaching out, that the primary concern is for the welfare of the trans partner, who must never be questioned as the most oppressed creature to walk this planet.”

  6. “I’ve looked high and low on the Task Force’s blog for an apology to Lesbians (you know, females/women who are romantically, sexually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually attracted to other females/women), but I could not find one! “

    (1.)They didn’t apologize for the rapey “Cotton Ceiling” in which lesbians are shamed for not wanting penis on a transwoman.
    (2.) They didn’t apologize for their attack on Michigan Women’s Music Festival which is held on privately owned land.
    (3.) Not only do they NOT apologize for death threats against “TERFs”, they encourage it as a way to keep pesky women, primarily lesbians in control.

  7. So, some bisexual people don’t want to drink the Trans Kool Aid and be called “pansexual”, trans, non-binary, queer, other kin, #WTFYTHIKHF# what ever! They are happy to just be called bisexual. The “Task Force” has decided to respect their right to define themselves and makes a humble apology. Good for the bi folks for making their stand. Lesbians have a right to define themselves too, and the “Cotton Ceiling” is lesbian phobia to the core. It’s perfectly fine and appropriate to shame lesbians for not wanting penis on a transwoman, and allowing heterosexual males who “identify as women” to call themselves “lesbian” even if they have a dick.

    I have a great idea! Let’s go back to LGB and cut the T and Q loose. It can be done. Most bisexual and straight women don’t want to share a restroom or locker room with a male bodied transwomen, penis and all. The “T” is screwing all women.

    “It’s time to say no to the word “bisexuality” because it reinforces and reifies the gender binary, which is problematic for a lot of reasons.”

    WTF does this mean?

  8. “Bye Bye Bi, Hello Queer”

    Why is anyone surprised that Weiss believes it’s time to stop calling bisexual people bisexual and totally embrace the Queer/Trans agenda including the colonization of LGB persons and the rewriting of history? It’s not her so much as the organization that tells her what to say.

    The “Task Force” said goodbye to lesbians years ago. The only lesbians that they recognize are (1.) heterosexual men who “transition” and call themselves “lesbian” (way more important than “cis lesbians”), or, (2.) lesbians (“cis lesbians”) who will never question anything they do or say.

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