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Chelsea-ManningFaculty and students at Florida Atlantic University are petitioning the university to make its restrooms more trans-accessible, though so far there hasn’t been a response in nearly a month. Currently, there are 23 sex-neutral public restrooms on campus. The petition supported by Peter Cava, a former professor and current Doctoral Dissertation Fellow and Research Assistant at FAU.

Petition_ FAU Needs Gender-Neutral Bathrooms to Accommodate Transgender Students (Updated) _ New Times Broward-Palm Beach.

Petition Trans-Accessible Restroom Petition, Florida Atlantic University.

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  1. Female students have a fundamental human right to dignity and privacy. Male students can use the men’s restroom, or one of the 23 sex-neutral public restrooms on campus. I have no problem with making a map available that shows the exact location of sex-neutral public restrooms.

    KEEP women’s restrooms, locker rooms, ect. FOR FEMALE STUDENTS. Do NOT convert all women’s restrooms to sex-neutral public restrooms.

    There is no reason why a male student who identifies as transgender can’t use either the men’s restroom or one of the 23 sex-neutral public restrooms.

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