Jeremy Hooper @goodasyou and Rivka Edeleman (USA)

Jeremy Hooper is a Gay Rights Activist who runs a blog called Good As You.  A war of words has been raging over the last few months between Hooper and Women who do not support gay marriage.  A woman using the pseudonym Janna Darnelle published a piece entitled Breaking the Silence Redefining Marriage Hurts Women Like Me – and Our Children. The author was subsequently outed by Gay Activists, but not Hooper, according to Hooper’s blog. In fact, Hooper published the comment on his blog, so he did, in fact, out her. A writer named Rivka Edeleman then wrote a piece entitled Ruthless Misogyny: Janna Darnelle’s Story and Extreme LGBT Activism. Edelman was then outed  as B.A. Newmark, a woman who wrote this brief against the Texas same-sex marriage ruling. Edelman has ties to Robert Oscar Lopez, another MRA.

Women have a right to disagree with Gay Men. We do not agree with Edeleman’s views on same-sex marriage at all, and her brief on same-sex marriage is poorly constructed and unconvincing, but we were horrified to find that UNKNOWN PERSONS are now resorting to Craigslist and Ripoff Report to find information/spread information about this woman:

jesus fucking christ

This has been flagged for removal, fortunately.

Women use pseudonyms because they fear retribution from holding unpopular views. Although Darnelle’s and Edeleman’s views on same-sex marriage are repugnant to many people, including me, they have not threatened anyone with violence – they are, in fact, entitled to their views.

The GLBTQ Community is, in fact, abusive towards Women who hold unpopular views.This tactic of tracking Women down over social media and relentlessly harassing them for not falling into line (this behavior is sometimes called “calling out”) is repugnant and should be condemned by everyone concerned about free speech and the fair exchange of ideas.

The actions towards Darnelle  and Edeleman mirror the attempts to doxx the blogger Gallus Mag by Transwomen activists Autumn Sandeen and Natalie Reed.

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Hooper explaining why he isn’t responsible for comments on his blog.

Ripoff Report _ Brittany Newmark-Klein Complaint Review Nationwide_ 1180901.

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_Rivka Edelman_ is B.A.

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9 thoughts on “Jeremy Hooper @goodasyou and Rivka Edeleman (USA)

  1. “but we were horrified to find that UNKNOWN PERSONS are now resorting to Craigslist and Ripoff Report to find information/spread information about this woman:” Unknown Persons? The person you won’t name is proudly taking credit all over social media.

  2. Three things, Cathy.

    (1) There is no “war of words.” You know my work. When someone writes the kind of piece that “Janna Darnelle” wrote, I respond with my own commentary. And then this supposed “rivka Edelman” wrote a horrid piece misrepresenting my heart and what I do, so I responded to that. I am a commentator; it’s what I do (and I got a correction from Public Discourse because “Rivka’s” piece was, indeed, defamatory).

    (2) I didn’t “publish” the ex-husband’s comment, as in I made some sort of choice to let his words go forward. The truth is that I run an almost fully unmoderated commenting forum. Most anyone (with few exceptions; four or five people are blocked for various reasons) can post without my permission. The ex-husband posted because it was something he felt he needed to do.

    (3) Scott Rose has proudly taken responsibility for the things with which you seem to take exception.

    This is all I will say on this.

    • There is a war of words, and I am very familiar with your work. You are just as entitled to your opinion as these women are, and I am also entitled to observe this whole debacle and call it a war of words. And you did, in fact, publish the comment – you have the ability to moderate comments. You should have done so in this instance.

      • Thank you, Cathy. You are right. We are not passive agents on our blogs. And to allow someone to be genuinely harmed in the comments of a thread of which we can moderate is tacit approval. Despite disagreeing with Janna and Rikva, thank you for writing this post. These men have been vicious and everyone in the LGBT community should be condemning them for their actions against these women.

      • It is clearly wrong and should be condemned. People have a right to disagree with popular ideas and people should not be threatened for having unpopular ones. I hope these women consider consulting with lawyers to investigate whether they have claims they can pursue. Also, email harassment is illegal in most states, and they should consider criminal charges as well.

  3. Of course they are entitled to their opinion? Who said they aren’t? And I’m allowed to push back against their ideas (which is where I confined all of my commentary)

    Mr. Anderson also has a right to say what he feels a need to say. I don’t think I have the right to step in and delete a comment simply because an ex-husband mentioned his ex-wife’s legal name.

    • And that’s your right, but you did, in fact, out that woman. That is what you did. Women use pseudonyms for all kinds of reasons, mostly safety. Her piece may have offended you (it offended me) but it didn’t put you or anyone else in danger. It didn’t threaten violence. There was simply no need to out her except that people disagree with her politics. That is disturbing.

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

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