Angelica Perduta/Chris Scaife @AngelicaPerduta (New Zealand)

Chris Scaife is a Man who identifies as a Woman named Angelica Perduta. He is friends with men’s rights activists Daryl “Sophia” Banks and Paul Elam of A Voice for Men fame. His friendship with Elam dates back to the 2000s, where the two bonded in in the MRA/right wing list serv Scaife regularly harasses Women on social media who reject his “politics.”



5 thoughts on “Angelica Perduta/Chris Scaife @AngelicaPerduta (New Zealand)”

  1. What is with the creepy doll with the black hair and dark red lipstick? It’s on his Facebook page and even in the video. See the little doll in the background of the video. Since when do grown men play with dolls? Does he really envision himself as this doll, or is it some kind of weird sexual fetish.

    Check out the videos about the femi-tards that are out to get him! It’s the video called the Privileged Patriarchs. Apparently, Chris (Angelica) and his doll think the “femi-tards” are out to get the veterans, and HIM too. He really, really, really hates feminists. Excuse me, femitards who are out to get him, and I guess veterans too. This is coming from a man who likes to play with dolls. By the way, my sister was a veteran and served in the U.S. Army and took care of wounded veterans. There is no way in hell the military would take men who play with dolls, so what is up with the video of cemetery?

    This is just creepy.

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