That Awkward Moment…

On Rachel Pepper & Curve Magazine

You think I just don't understand, but I don't believe you.


So I have been home sick this entire week. Today, I go to the doctor and discover I have a double ear infection. Ouch.

Anyway, being home sick means I have been watching a lot of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and reading publications I normally don’t – like Curve Magazine.

I remember when Curve came out. It was originally called Deneuve, but then Catherine Deneuve complained, so they changed the name. I subscribed for a while but honestly, I never found it that interesting. So I forgot about it.

Yesterday, I ran across an op-ed by Rachel Pepper called Bully Bloggers Are Neither Radical Nor Feminist.

Oh brother. Rachel Pepper has fallen down a lot since writing The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy for Lesbians (Yes, of course I own it!)

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