Madeleine Davies @madeleine_rae @Jezebel (USA)


Madeline Davies is a writer for Jezebel, an anti-feminist publication. She wrote a piece in 2013 on a Twitter hashtag in which Women (and Men) put forth satirical safety tips for women to avoid rape. The first “woman” quoted in her story is Dana McCallum, a spousal abuser who was accused of rape. McCallum is also not a Woman, and is instead a Man who identifies as a Woman.

Using Men as proxies for actual Women is extremely common in anti-feminist media. Indeed, the McCallum case is now being used as a talking point for “lesbian rape” and “female on female” sexual assault, despite the fact that McCallum is neither female nor a lesbian.

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  1. I find it interesting to learn how this is reported in the media. Thank you.

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