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A conservative religious group in Nebraska is crying foul after discovering that teachers in the Lincoln Public Schools district may have learned about gay and transgender people. Apparently, teachers received a handout from a  San Francisco (gasp) organization called Gender Spectrum that discussed sexual orientation and gender identity. You can read the handout here.

Both GLBT and Conservative Organizations share a disdain for reading information that does not fit in with their world views. We support the dissemination of these materials to teachers, as no doubt many teachers are smart enough to read this drivel and discern that gender identity is nothing more than “personality,” and that there is no such thing as innate gender.

Nebraska school says don’t call students boys or girls to be ‘gender inclusive’ « Watchdog.

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  1. Cathy Brennan,
    I think you sometimes make the same mistake as the gender identity warriors when you say things like: “a man telling women what we should prioritize.” Is that not an ad hominem attack? Does it matter who is putting forth the argument as long as it is rationally defensible? You could say that it’s a lot more likely for a man to make arguments that are misogynistic and/or anti-feminist than it is for a woman and I personally think that is indeed the case, but isn’t everything other than the fact that an argument is misogynistic, including the gender of the person making it, beyond the point?
    I also want to make the following observation: I watched a few of your videos and you seemed like a rational and calm person putting forth arguments that are meant to convince people. But, at times, this website doesn’t look that way. There is a fine line between being mean and being no bullshit that every person who has tried to adhere to the latter as a general principle is familiar with. I hope this website acts more consistently on that principle alone. And I say this not for nicety but in the interest of making a group of good arguments more visible and less easily dismissible on emotional grounds.
    male pro-feminist

  2. Hi again, I understand what you are implying, and I don’t mean to tell women how to do their work. But I think that would be relevant to the second point –which was only an observation. What about my point about ad hominems. I think this is not trivial.

  3. Some years ago, Mary Daly came to my universoty to speak, and she requested that the venue be limited to women, because she was there to speak to women. The university explained that it didn’t allow women only events, so Daly agreed to an open meeting. What she did, though, was speak as if there were no men present in the room, and the result was both shocking and not at all surprising. Being disregarded was not OK for the men who were there to get their “I’m a male feminist” points. Really not OK. Within a few minutes, the “feminist men” were muttering about what a cunt Mary Daly was, and speculating whether a gang rape, or several, might make her realize how important men are, and how a mere woman had no right to ignore them. As I say, not at all surprising.

    And now, almost 30 years later, same attitude, same hostility, same threats of violence for daring to stand with women and for women; for recognizing the difference between biology and gender; for claiming a space of our own; for naming the oppression and the oppressors.

    Thank you for all the work you do, on this site and in the world. You are risking all to end patriarchy, you are risking all for women.

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