Arielle Scarcella @ArielleIsHammin Sophia Eris @HiddenTranny (USA)


Arielle Scarcella is a popular Lesbian vlogger who recently produced a video that tackles the Cotton Ceiling, or the idea that Women are transphobic for rejecting penises attached to a Transwomen. Sophia Eris, a transwoman who vlogs as “Hidden Tranny Files,” posits that Lesbians are not bigots for rejecting penis.

Thank you for saying this out loud, as I have fieled hundreds of telephone calls and emails from young Lesbians who think they are bigots for not wanting to have sex involving a penis.


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  1. Males aren’t lesbian, and neither is the guy with the thick glasses. If he says he is just a trans guy who likes women, I have no problem with it. I really have problems with males calling themselves “lesbian” and trying to guilt trip, coerce, shame, etc. lesbians into having sex with them.

    Because the biology and anatomy of females and males are so different, how can any male possibly say that he knows how females feel when they are sexually aroused? I would not insult the male sex by saying that I know how men feel when they ejaculate. Males, and this includes males who have had their testicles cut off, CAN NEVER TRULY KNOW HOW WOMEN FEEL WHEN THEY ARE SEXUALLY AROUSED. The so-called “CHANGE” (SRS), STILL WON’T MAKE HIM RESPOND EXCATLY THE WAY A FEMALE DOES. After SRS, he will have to dilate his neovagina for the rest of his life otherwise it could constrict or close like any other artificially created cavity in the human body.

    Many transwomen still are fully intact biological males. Technically, any female who has sex with a post-op transwoman (a biological male who identifies as a woman) is still having sex with male. I’m not talking about genetics. Rather, I’m talking about what is used to create a “neovagina”. It’s inverted skin from the penis and scrotal skin, but it’s surgically rearranged in a different way. The inner lining of the “neovagina” is surgically created from the skin of the penis, or occasionally, from part of the colon. Scrotal skin is used to create the opening of the neovagina, and what is supposed to pass as “labia”. Indeed, many surgeons recommend electrolysis prior to sex reassignment surgery so that the opening to the “neovagina” isn’t hairy. No, you can’t make this up. If he had a hairy scrotum, he could have a hairy opening to his “neovagina”. Part of the glans of the penis is retained to resemble a “clitoris”. Part of the glans of the penis is NOT the same thing as a clitoris, but it’s all about surgically creating something that is supposed to resemble natural female anatomy. It’s basically extensive plastic surgery on healthy male anatomy. If it kind of looks like the real thing, that is all that matters. It doesn’t work, smell, or taste like female anatomy, but they pay good money for the mutilation of their genitals. So, it’s all about appearance.

    An actual vagina is an organ that is part of the female reproductive system, and it lubricates naturally. A “neovagina” will never lubricate naturally. That is, unless part of the colon is used. In this case, it can lubricate too much, and there can be an offensive odor. A vagina is connected to the rest of the female reproductive system, and it’s the birth canal in which babies pass through. What does a “neovagina” do? It basically sits there waiting to be poked. It’s sole purpose is to act as a receptacle. A “neovagina” is an artificially created cavity in the human body that has to be dilated for the life of the patient because wounds tend to constrict and close. A vagina isn’t going to completely close up whether or not it’s ever used. This isn’t true with a “neovagina”. Any wound in the human body has a tendency to close and constrict. MTFs have to dilate (a special metal rod) essentially forever, or risk losing “depth” to their expensive surgically created “neovagina”. This must be uncomfortable. I’m so happy that females don’t have to stick metal rods into their vaginas.

    Some researchers even did a study to see whether or not males post SRS responded similarly to females. This study just tells us what most people instinctively know already. That is, even after sex reassignment surgery, male sexual response is different than how females respond.

    “Men’s sexual arousal patterns are category-specific: Men typically display significantly greater physiological responses to sexual stimuli depicting members of their preferred gender category. Category-specific patterns of sexual arousal have not been consistently reported in natal women. We used vaginal photoplethysmography to examine patterns of sexual arousal in 11 male-to-female (MtF) transsexuals following sex reassignment surgery (SRS) and in 72 natal women. Subjective arousal was measured with a continuous response lever. Video clips depicting sexual activity between two males, two females, or one male and one female were used as erotic stimuli. All transsexual participants displayed category-specific sexual arousal. Five homosexual transsexual participants (attracted exclusively to males before sex reassignment) showed greater genital and subjective responses to male than to female stimuli, while six nonhomosexual transsexual participants showed the opposite pattern. Vaginal pulse amplitude (VPA) was lower in transsexual participants than in natal women. The mean correlation between VPA and subjective responses was high in nonhomosexual transsexuals, but was significantly lower in homosexual transsexuals and in natal women. One transsexual participant who reported a change in sexual orientation following sex reassignment displayed VPA and subjective responses consistent with her pre-reassignment sexual orientation.

    We conclude that male-to-female transsexuals display male-typical category-specific sexual arousal following SRS, and that vaginal photoplethysmography is a promising methodology for studying patterns of sexual arousal in postoperative transsexuals.

  2. “One of) my peak trans moment(s) came first when I was first attacked by self proclaimed feminists and LGB allies for not being sexually attracted to penises. All my life I fought to establish that yes, I am a lesbian, I exist and I’m sexually attracted to females exclusively. Now the very people who talk the loudest about being allies are berating me for not being attracted to people with penises and telling me what MY sexuality means and that I am OBLIGATED to love cock if the owner of said cock prefers to be called “she” and that if I don’t then I’m a defective bigot “phallophobe”.

    I’m attracted to females, and females only. No amount of emotionally manipulative speculations about “well what if you loved a girl more than anything and then found out she had a penis when you finally got into bed” can ‘fix’ my gayness.

    I said it to the straights and I’ll say it again to the transtrenders: I’m gay, and you can’t bully me into pretending I’m something I’m not.”

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