Dana McCallum @DanaDanger & Jonah Owen Lamb @sfexaminer @Jonahowenlamb Nitasha Tiku @nitashatiku @Valleywag (USA)


Jonah Owen Lamb is a reporter for the San Francisco Examiner. Nitasha Tiku is a reporter for . They recently covered the sentencing of Dana McCallum, a Man who identifies as a Woman who was charged with raping his wife. McCallum accepted a plea bargain that allows him to avoid a potential conviction for rape.

In their articles, they quote a victim impact statement by McCallum’s wife that states that she felt betrayed by the LGBT community, as the community supported McCallum over her, and that she only received “public support from hate groups.”

There is no evidence the victim received any support from “hate groups,” although one Twitter user speculated that refers to Robert S. McCain.

We contacted the reporters for clarification but they did not respond. We note, also, a conspicuous lack of condemnation of McCallum, who apparently still works at Twitter, from anyone except radical feminists.

Transgender Twitter engineer takes plea deal in rape case involving wife _ Crime & Courts _ San Francisco _ San Francisco Examiner

Twitter Engineer Dana McCallum Pled Guilty to Two Misdemeanors.