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danaEmily Shire is a reporter for The Daily Beast. She has written an article about Dana McCallum, who was charged with raping his wife and pleaded guilty to lesser offenses. Shire uses this occasion of a Man who identifies as a Woman assaulting his wife to talk about “female on female” violence – even though McCallum is male.

This is shoddy journalism at beast; blatant erasure of female reality at worst.

Should Twitter Suspend LGBT Engineer Accused Of Raping Her Wife_ – The Daily Beast



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  1. To refer to this as “female on female violence” is an insult to the entire female sex, and saying that it is a blatant erasure of female reality is an understatement. McCallum was born male, socialized as male, and no doubt used his white male privilege to advance his career. Nothing new her, and there is nothing new about spousal rape and domestic violence. McCallum was charged with five felonies, including three counts of spousal rape, one count of false imprisonment and one count of domestic violence on January 29th. In a plea deal, McCallum plead guilty to two misdemeanors. They were for one count of domestic violence with corporal injury to the spouse (California penal code 273.5) and one count of false imprisonment (code 236). How many times do men get by with raping women, or are even charged, especially if they have the money to hire and expensive lawyer.

    Isn’t it true that he still had his PENIS when he was charged with 3 counts of spousal rape? How can any rational person have the audacity to state that this was “female on female violence”?

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