Oregon Health Evidence Review Commission (USA)

The Oregon Health Evidence Review Commission (HERC) added gender dysphoria – defined as a condition in which “people whose gender at birth is contrary to the one they identify with” –  to the state’s list of conditions that require government-funded treatments. As of 2015, low-income transgender residents of Oregon will have access to gender reassignment surgery and hormone therapy if they want it.

Low-Income Transgender Residents in Oregon to Gain Access to Government-Funded Care _ Feminist Majority Foundation Blog.

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  1. Poor people on Medicaid can’t even find a dentist to work on their teeth or a primary care physician, but they can get cross gender hormones now and sex reassignment surgery. How many poor women even have access to basic health care?

    So, this article was posted on the Feminist Majority website? Since when is the mutilation of healthy female genitals and reproductive systems a “feminist issue”. How will future historians view FTM “transitioning”? Will future historians view FTM “transitioning” as just another form of female gential mutilation? Female genital mutilation has a rather ugly history, so I hope they are right about it. The areolas and nipples are literally cut off, surgically resized, and then sewn back on after the double mastectomy. Every now and then a nipple graft doesn’t take, or a nipple falls off, and loss of sensation is common.


    This photo was taken from an actual video in which a FTM was asking for online money to pay for botched “top surgery”.


    Why was a seriously depressed woman, Nancy/Nathan, “transitioned”? She felt so depressed after botched SRS that she begged a doctor to euthanize her.


    The thing about FTM “transitioning” is this. If you are wrong about it, or if it’s botched, it sure as heck is female genital mutilation.

    I argue that there are profound feminist issues involved in FTM “transitioning”. Besides the radical alteration of health female genitals and reproductive systems, FTM “transitioning” is the social erasing of female identity. How is the erasing of female identity related to feminism? Of course, people will say that they are really men, at least in their minds. If a human is born female, she is still of the female sex. So, some females who “identify as men” get their healthy female genitals and breasts radially altered, some might say mutilated. Then, they cast off their female identity. Somehow this is related to feminism.

    On the MTF side, males are still male even if they get their penis and testicles removed, and all this surgery comes with risks and complications. Even after SRS, males still need their prostate checked because it’s not removed during sex reassignment surgery.

  2. Removing transgender exclusions in healthcare coverage saves lives and money,” said Danielle Askini, Basic Rights Oregon’s policy director. “All major health provider associations agree: It is time to end health coverage discrimination based on gender identity.”

    No one wants to deny basic health care to anyone. They don’t have a precise definition of “gender identity” other than how people self-identify at any particular point in time.

    If state Medicaid programs for poor people have to include some plastic surgery procedures, then it should include ALL plastic surgery procedures. Therefore, poor people should have rhinoplasty procedures because who is to say that poor people with large noses don’t suffer emotionally, or poor women don’t suffer because they have small breasts. Poor old women need tax payer funded face lifts because when they look in the mirror they see themselves as young, hot women. Their view of themselves doesn’t match with how their bodies really are, and it’s an injustice that causes emotional suffering. For all practical purposes, sex reassignment surgery is nothing more than extensive plastic surgery on otherwise healthy genitals and reproductive systems.

    Will state Medicaid programs for low-incom people also pay for “de-transitioning” too? De-transitioning involves undoing what “transitioning” did. This young woman who “identified as a man” decided to return to identifying with her birth sex. She was never a boy to begin with, but that is another subject. Will state Medicaid programs pay for her laser hair removal treatments caused by injecting testosterone? Will state Medicaid programs also pay to remove breast implants from men who once “identified as women”, but went back to being men? It clearly states, “gender dysphoria”, and their “gender dysphoria” now needs to be addressed and fixed. It’s still “gender dysphoria”.

    Below is a link to a MTV video of a young man who identified as a girl and now wants to return to being a man. Also, in the MTV video, a young woman who once identified as a boy changed her mind and returned to being a girl. The young man who appears to be in his early twenties discusses having his breast implants removed. In the same MTV video, the young woman who looks like she could be in her mid-twenties is shown undergoing laser treatments to remove the facial hair that was caused by earlier testosterone use.


    It was just too exhausting to be a woman, so this man expects the NHS to surgically undo the sex change and make him a man again. Coming soon to Oregon’s state Medicaid program. “Transitioning” and “De-transitioning” because it’s all about the “gender dysphoria”.

    “A transsexual encouraged to have a £10,000 sex change by Katie Price is calling for the NHS to cough up £14,000 – so she can become a man again.

    Chelsea Attonley, 30, who was born a boy called Matthew want taxpayers to foot the bill moaning that being a woman is too “exhausting.”

    After struggled with her identity while growing up and he became a drag queen called Miss Malibu.

    He became depressed when a doctor rejected his initial bid for a sex change.

    But then Chelsea – who mimicked Katie aka Jordan’s style by wearing a blonde wig, miniskirts and stilettos – had a chance meeting with the lads’ mag favourite in a nightclub in 2007.

    She urged him: “You have got to go for it.”

    Katie Price’s words of assurance gave him strength to return to his GP and insist on gender reassignment surgery at a bank-busting cost of £10,000.

    But now, seven years after his momentous decision to become a woman, Chelsea wants to go back to being a man – with the taxpayer footing the bill.


    Even when poor old women eat cat food, can’t pay the rent, and can’t get dentures or eye glasses, state Medicaid has to pay for sex reassignment surgery and female hormones for men.

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