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In response to a request for the money she donated to the National Center for Lesbian Rights due to NCLR’s decision to endorse an anti-lesbian petition against the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, NCLR returned donations made to it by Cathy Brennan.

Interestingly, NCLR seems to have run afoul of the code of ethics of an organization that governs fundraising behavior. NCLR has one employee who is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. AFP has promulgated a Donor Bill of Rights, which includes the right “to be assured their gifts will be used for the purposes for which they were given.” If you gave money to NCLR in the hope that it would support lesbians, you should request your money back.

AFP members are also subject to a Code of Ethical Principles.  AFP members both individual and business aspire to, among other things:

  • value the privacy, freedom of choice and interests of all those affected by their actions;
  • foster cultural diversity and pluralistic values and treat all people with dignity and respect.

Neither NCLR nor the Human Rights Campaign, which also has 3 employees who are AFP members, have complied with the Code of Ethical Principles in signing onto an anti-lesbian petition. These organizations have also demonized a group of women for gathering in the woods of Michigan for one week a year to process our experience of being born female in a woman-hating culture.

You can file a complaint with AFP by contacting the organization at 703-684-0410.

Refund request and canned response.

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  1. Thank You! They are basically telling women what they can and cannot do on their privately owned land. They aren’t telling gay men what they can do on their private property, or telling anyone else what they can and cannot do on their own land. It’s just women, particularly lesbians. On its website, Equality Michigan basically admits that they can’t legally force any woman to open up her privately owned land to anyone she doesn’t want on the land. They just want to harass women and lesbians by sending their spiteful “petition” to performers and vendors telling them to boycott a historic women’s music festival. It’s down right spiteful and mean spirited beyond anything I’ve ever seen.

    As to NCLR, it ignored death threats against “TERFs”, and represents transgender interests at the expense of lesbians. I like to refer to the NCLR as the National Center for Lesbian Re-education. It doesn’t have anything to do with lesbian rights. Lesbians (and all women) need to get with the trans program and STFU. Lesbians can’t even have one week a year on their own privately owned land without transgender activists pitching a holy hissy fit.

    Scroll down and read the article from Heath Atom Russell. No woman should be afraid of attending a women’s music festival that is held on women’s land.


  2. “We do not fear their presence among us, a false claim repeatedly made.”

    — Festival Statement, August 18, 2014

    This isn’t exactly true, and I’m not sure who “we” is because it’s not women like Heath Atom Russell, Rachel Ivy, Lierre Keith, Professor Janice Raymond, Sheila Jeffreys, or ANY woman who transgender activists deem a “TERF”. The women who transgender activists have branded as “TERFs” have every reason to be afraid based on the incessant death threats and harassment for just speaking in public. Cathy Brennan was cornered and harassed at a Dyke March, so why do people think Mich Fest would be any different?

    Read the statements and death threats at this link. Because of death threats against “TERFs”, Heath Atom Russell says that she would feel unsafe at Mich Fest without security.

    My First Michfest Experience
    Dear Lisa Vogel,

    My name is Heath Russell and this year I was approved to present a workshop entitled “Denying Gender.” I was thrilled to hear this; however, I was much less thrilled when this news came Sunday August 3rd when my friend [name redacted] posted a photograph of your printed program to Facebook. Despite the last minute notice of my presentation, I’m sure I would have been able to put something together had I gone to Michfest this year. I submitted my project proposal late last winter and never received word about whether my proposal had been received, much less approved or denied. So, again, imagine my surprise when I found out it had been approved and that I would be presenting two days later on Tuesday August 5th.

    My workshop was called “Denying Gender” because I am detransitioned female. That means I had taken steps to try changing my gender to a man, but hormonally and socially stopped transitioning. Since then, I have taken a Radical Feminist stance on the topic of gender and gender abolition. However, I know that society does not live in that reality, and we are at the mercy of patriarchy, which is why Michfest was started as a way for women to embrace what a culture would look like without males and patriarchal influence. For someone like me, this would have been one of the first times I would have been in a female-focused/female-dominated environment. As part of my journey back to embracing myself as the female I was born as, Fest sounded like it would be a very healing place for me, due to its unique female-only intention.

    Given the controversial nature of my topic, there is no way that I would have attended Michfest nor presented without some form of contact from crew. Recently, I spoke at Radfems Respond in Portland Oregon on this very topic. Radfems Respond, as you are probably aware, was met with much protest by the local trans community and I would expect nothing less had I presented this at Michfest. In order to present at Radfems Respond, we required not only our personal security team, but the security personnel of the Multnomah County Library. If I were to present at Michfest on this topic, I feel it is Michfest’s responsibility to inform me that I am speaking, as well as take steps to ensure my personal safety while presenting.

    I’m deeply hurt and offended that I did not even receive a courtesy response to my request and instead the only place I saw my name and workshop mentioned was in the printed brochure that my friend happened to post on Facebook. I saw no mention of my workshop listed on the website. I am interested in speaking at Michfest next year if I can get a response from the crew.

    If someone could please respond to me as soon as possible regarding this matter, I would be very appreciative!

    If Mich Fest wasn’t too busy trying to appease transgender activists, they could have responded to this woman. If transgender activists have their way, the will be the ones deciding who can and cannot speak at a women’s music festival held on privately owned land. This is how toxic and insane it has become. I say to hell with them.

    I am NOT saying that every transgender identified person is making these threats, but stop denying the incessant bullying tactics and silencing campaign that is coming from some transgender activists. Stop denying the fact that men who “identify as women” can’t be dangerous. If women are forced to let in any and every “man who identifies as a woman” onto their private property, how can they keep out men like Jonathan Reid “Aeryn” Fulton (aka Aerynxv aka aeryn rebeka fulton aka aeryn reid aka aeryn rebeka fulton-chesnavich).

    Again, I’m not saying that all men who “identify as women” are like Jonathan Reid “Aeryn” Fulton or the men who make death threats against “TERFs”, but please stop pretending that iit sn’t real, and men can’t be dangerous. If it’s a any transwoman policy on women’s privately owned land, how do they keep out Paula Witherspoon or someone like Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook?

    Why can’t women just admit the truth? Men have ALWAYS demanded access to women’s space, and just can’t understand why they aren’t the focus of attention. Women can say no to this, and it’s just a waste of time pandering to them. The more they get, the more they demand. When it gets to the point that they are telling women what they can and cannot do on their own land, it’s time to cut the crap. Once they take over Mich Fest, they will get to dictate what women can and cannot say.

  3. Myth: The Festival believes trans women are men.

    Truth: The Festival recognizes the identity of trans women as women.

    “We reiterate that Michfest recognizes trans womyn as womyn—and they are our sisters.”

    — Festival Statement, August 18, 2014

    No male is my sister. Women intuitely know this, but are shamed for speaking the truth. I could care less how a person dresses or looks, or even if he or she identifies as transgender, but males are not female.

    “There are women at the Festival who are activists on behalf of the human and civil rights of trans women, and there are women who harbor prejudices against trans women…..”

    Ignore death threats against “TERFs” and the utterly lesbian phobic “Cotton Ceiling”, but never, ever, ever, ever hurt a man’s feelings.

    “The Festival, since 2011, has specifically sponsored an “Allies in Understanding” daily workshop. The purpose of this workshop has been to unearth and acknowledge our assumptions of each other, to dig deeper so we can continue to move away from the most dysfunctional aspects of this conflict from both sides, and to learn to authentically dialogue across difference. ”

    They don’t want dialogue. They want submission, and men, especially white European men, are experts at colonizing other cultures. As for women, men have been silencing women for thousands of years. Wealthy white men who “transition” in mid-life after using their white male privilege like this “woman” get to gawk at lesbians and tell women what to think. I’m sure it’s really an ego booster.

    It’s not dialogue they are interested in. It’s the symbolic rape of women’s land, and Mich Fest is a feather in their hat so to speak. They want it because they can’t have it. Read what Jonathan Reid “Aeryn” Fulton (aka Aerynxv aka aeryn rebeka fulton aka aeryn reid aka aeryn rebeka fulton-chesnavich says. It’s right in front of our eyes, but women have to pretend it’s not happening.

  4. All women need to understand exactly what is happening. Males who “identify as women” (whether or not they still have their penis) aren’t just demanding access to women’s restroom, locker rooms, women’s shelters (google Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook) etc., they have the audacity to tell women what they can and cannot do on their own privately owned land. Once they colonize women’s private property, don’t be surprised if they start telling women what they can and cannot think or say.

    I could care less how anyone dresses, or even if he or she identifies as transgender, but transwomen (biological males who “identify as women”) are not exactly like females, and do not deserve to occupy every single inch of women’s space. I think there are times when lesbians and transwomen can collaberate on certain issues, but women have a right to set boundaries and a right to personal autonomy.

    After the rapey “Cotton Ceiling” (scroll up for link), do lesbians really believe that they respect our right to set boundaries?

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