Sally Russell Mx Sally Angry Queer @arthurstodgyn (UK)


Sally Russell is a “Bi; poly; kinky; genderqueer; slut; musician; teacher; knitter; intersectional; white; NSFW” person who lives in London.  Russell is apparently also an “artist,” and has created the “art” below.


In Russell’s view, Women who have a political analysis with which she disagrees must have a “sickly green…cunt.”

One thought on “Sally Russell Mx Sally Angry Queer @arthurstodgyn (UK)

  1. It’s a perfect example of genderqueer insanity taken to insane new heights. I don’t have anything against some queer identified people, but Sally Russell not only drank the genderqueer/trans Kool Aid, she is drowning in it. Queer Theory has sometimes been called the New Men’s Rights Movement. There are so many ways that Queer Theory is a just another men’s rights movement that it’s difficult to describe it all, but here is a small sample.

    Apparently, being “Bi; poly; kinky; genderqueer; slut” makes her way, way, way more enlightened and cooler than other people.

    The graphic of the “Sickly Green TERF CUNT” is disgusting. Unless she has a really serious health problem, no woman’s vagina and vulva are sickly green. Also, I don’t like calling female genitalia “cunts” because I think it’s offensive.

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