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CaptureKat Callahan is a man who identifies as a woman who writes for Jezebel, an anti-feminist blog. Callahan recently wrote an “article” on a Minnesota proposal to allow transgender students to play on the sports teams of the sex with which they identify.  The proposal is criticized for failing to safeguard the privacy of girls, who will now have to share sex-segregated facilities for males if the males so desire.  Callahan takes issue with a political advertisement criticising the proposal that posited that “A male wants to shower beside your 14-year-old daughter. Are YOU okay with that?”

Callahan responded to this thusly:

Let’s be honest here, the reason the choice was made to totally negate the existence of trans boys in this opening statement is clear. In the logic of the CPL and their allies, trans boys are confused girls but pretty much harmless, trans girls are actually perverted boys waiting to strike against their cisgender female peers. And the use of male next to daughter also invokes the further image of an adult man rather than an adolescent. The idea is to create a power imbalance where none may actually exist—at least not anymore so than between cisgender girls of different physicalities and abilities.

A “trans boy” is actually a female. A female showering with males puts her at risk, not the males. Additionally, Callahan seems blissfully ignorant that teenage boys can, and do, rape. Here are some recent cases I found in two minutes:

14-Year-Old Boy Charged As Adult For Raping 8-Year-Old Girl « CBS Baltimore.

Lancaster County 14-year-old boy charged with raping 8-year-old girl _ PennLive.

13-year-old boy charged with raping girl, 8 _ 6abc Five.

Rastrick, West Yorkshire teenage boys to appear in court charged with raping 12-year-old girl _ Daily Mail Online.

14-Year-Old Maryland Boy Charged As Adult In Rape of Young Girl – Police & Fire _ Odenton-Severn, Maryland Patch.

14-year-old boy charged with rape of 10-year-old girl _ Sunday World.

Arizona teen a ‘serial rapist’ who victimized 18 girls, sheriff says – LA Times.

Minnesota teen gets less than 1 year in jail for raping two girls  – NY Daily News.

Teenage rapist jailed for five years for attack on six-year-old boy – Chronicle Live.

Transwomen activists want to ignore overwhelming male violence against women and girls, and female vulnerability to sexually-based attacks, because such issues remind them that transwomen are in fact men. They want to pretend that there is a separate category of humans called “transwomen,” when, in fact, there are only men – and they will target Women and Girls who refuse to give into this magical thinking that a man is a woman IF HE SAYS SO. This failure to consider the rights of Women & Girls creates unsafety for Women & Girls.



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  1. Maybe separate changing rooms are needed in this instance? Or maybe individual changing cubicles? Not just for the whole trans issue but the issue of insecurity. I know when I was a teenager I felt so awkward about getting changed in front of the other girls that I ended up changing in a toilet cubicle. It was partly because I believed I was fat and that the other girls might judge me, and partly because I’m bisexual but thought I was lesbian back then so it was just plain awkward for me to see half naked girls around. It wasn’t because I was perving or anything, but I was worried they may have heard a rumour and THOUGHT I was perving. Being a teenager is hell and I’m so glad to be on the otherside of it, although some of those insecurities have somewhat lingered.

  2. There is a rational reason why girls and women are naturally suspicious of males in our private spaces.

    In addition to the fact that males are far more likely to be sex offenders (over 90% for adults and juveniles), paraphilias (voyeurism, exhibitionism, pedophilia, transvestic fetishismetc, etc.) are far more common in males. Some paraphilias can start in adolescence.

    (1.) There are far more male sex offenders than female sex offenders.
    (2.) Paraphilias are more common in males.
    (3.) Most violent crime is committed by males.

    Does (1.), (2.), and (3.) change because the male “identifies as a woman”? No, it doesn’t.

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