Harbour Primary School (UK)

Harbour Primary School in Newhaven, East Sussex introduced unisex toilets in a bid to “prevent transphobia.”
Pupils learned they had to share the unisex toilets at the start of the school year, sparking concerns from parents. Many say their children do not want to use facilities split with the opposite sex and it makes them feel “uncomfortable.” There are around 500 pupils at the school for three to 11-year-olds.

Transactivists frame any objections to sharing private, intimate space with persons of the opposite sex as “transphobia.”

Primary school introduces unisex toilets to ‘prevent transphobia’ – Telegraph.

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  1. I’m very confused as to what they mean by “Unisex restrooms”? LOOK AT THE PHOTO. Is this what they mean by unisex? It looks just like a women’s restroom. The individual stall dividers do not go all the way to the floor. If the photo is what they mean by “unisex”, then all boys have to do is peek under the stall divider, put a small mirror under the stall, or GET OUT A CELL PHONE, slip it under the stall divider, and take a photo. What happens if a student forgets to latch the door? A boy could just walk in on a girl.

    This is just a law suit waiting to happen because sooner or later some boy WILL FIND SOME WAY TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SITUATION.

  2. “Many say their children do not want to use facilities split with the opposite sex and it makes them feel ‘uncomfortable’.

    Girls used to be able to go to the girl’s restroom to hike up their skirt, or change a blouse that was dirty or torn. Now, they have to squeeze into a small cubicle to do that and hope a boy doesn’t see them.

  3. “Harbour Primary School in Newhaven, East Sussex, has defended the move, which it says is about ‘preventing transphobia’.”

    How is violating the privacy rights of girls about “preventing transphobia”? Why is “transphobia” more important than the privacy rights and safety of girls?

  4. “Transactivists frame any objections to sharing private, intimate space with persons of the opposite sex as “transphobia.”

    Any objection is always framed as “transphobia”, and people are getting sick of it. They are basically telling female students that their rights aren’t as important as how a boy feels about his “gender identity”.

  5. Some of the comments from the article,

    “GAH! What next, are the councils going to be insisting on unisex toilet blocks for adults, too?!

    My granddaughter won’t use the convenience at school now – when asked about sharing with boys she was sick. If this cray-zee spreads to her school, when she’s in hospital with kidney and bladder problems as a result of this insanity will we have legal recourse against the council?”

    “Good luck girls with pee seat syndrome. That is, until the East Sussex authorities conduct classes for boys on “How to urinate properly, i.e., sitting down”. It has been estimated (by a source that you need not bother your head about) that a man loses about a ballful of testosterone any time he sits to take a leak.”

    “You can bet our bottom dollar that 11 year old boys will look over or under the cubicle if they think there’s a girl, of any age, in the cubicle next door with her knickers down..”

    “And how many transsexuals between the age of 3-11 are there that experience this ‘transphobia’? (not a real word?) No answer here. The main win here is for the sexual ideologues as transsexuals are being ‘mainstreamed’ and the parents need to just accept it. So we will hear more and more and more about it.”

    “Phobia shmobia. Just more PC rubbish to rub the ordinary voter’s nose in.”

    “If my granddaughter’s school falls for this silliness and she ends up with health problems (already starting because she won’t use the facilities at her school now much less if boys are in there too), can her parents sue the council for endangering their child’s health and welfare?”

    “There’s a big difference between proving a single, separate toilet that both sexes can use and having a mixed toilet room with several stalls. That’s what they’re doing here.”

    “I should have thought the bigger question is, why does a school has so many trans gender pupils between the ages of 3 and 11, that it feels the need to take this kind of action to ensure the feelings of such children take priority over the welfare of non transgendered children at such a delicate stage of their own personal development.

    Once answers have been obtained to that question, and I have to say I really cannot imagine that even the most equality & PC brainwashed teacher can defend such bizarre decisions on the part of the schools management and one assumes its board of directors.

    The parents unfortunate enough to have their children attending this mad house should then if their child feels uncomfortable remove their child from school and demand that the motives of those left in charge of the children and their suitability to be working with children now or in the future be vigorously investigated by an independent panel.

    Failing that bring in the local Imam and this nonsense will be stopped overnight.”

    Some girls as young as 10-11 begin the menstruation cycle and it is an emotional and private time for the girls. I would imagine it could be quite distressing for a girl in this position to have to share toilet facilities with boys.”

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