Nick Fulgham & Jessica Elliot (USA)


Nick Fulgham and Jessica Elliot married on September 18, 2014 at the Madison County Courthouse in Mississippi on September 18.  Nick, who was originally a female named Natalie, began the transition from female to living as a male in 2010. Fulgham was legally declared a male in Starkville, Mississippi on July 11, 2014.  Right wingers in Mississippi are sad because “two women” should not be allowed to wed.

We wish the happy couple a long and happy life together!

Transgender couple legally marries in Mississippi – MSNewsNow.

One thought on “Nick Fulgham & Jessica Elliot (USA)”

  1. How can anyone deny this couple their right to marry and to happiness? Having said that, females can’t change their sex. It’s not possible. No primate can change its sex. I have no problem with same sex marriage at all, but I don’t believe that biological females or biological males should legally be allowed to change their sex. FTM Thomas Beatie gave birth to three babies after legally changing her sex to male. Because she legally changed her sex to male, she was allowed to marry her girl friend. Beatie is not the only FTM to give birth after legally changing their sex to “male”.

    Two women, two men, or a heterosexual couple all should be allowed to legally marry.

    Nice looking couple of women….they do deserve much happiness…

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