Brianna Freeman v. Denny’s (USA)


In 2011, the corporate owner of Denny’s restaurants reversed its restroom policy in an agreement with a transgender customer and now permits all customers to use restrooms consistent with their gender identities. The agreement, reached in March 2011, was the result of a lawsuit brought by Brianna Freeman against the chain’s Auburn restaurant after Freeman was denied access to the women’s restroom.

Transgender woman reveals difficulties — State — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine

Maine Denny’s restaurants reverse transgender restroom policy — Lewiston-Auburn — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine

Brianna Freeman Complaint

Brittney Cooper @ProfessorCrunk @RutgersU (USA)


Brittney Cooper is an Assistant Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and Africana Studies at Rutgers University who dismisses the concerns of Lesbian Feminists about gender identity as “trolling.”

In 2014, academics do not engage with the content of analysis, preferring instead to resort to ad hominems. In this instance, the tactic is homophobic. It is disappointing to see this behavior from a professor of women’s studies.


Tessa Stuart @tessastuart Jack Buehrer @jack_buehrer Village Voice @villagevoice @pansgrrl @nyteshade @Facebook (USA)


Jack Buehrer is the Managing Editor of the Village Voice. In June, his publication ran an “article” that contained a significant falsehood about Women who oppose gender identity legislation. The article featured a Man who identifies as a Woman named Vikki Valimir. This person claimed they had been harassed by Women associated with Gender Identity Watch. Despite being told this was not the case, Stuart ran this story. It turns out Vikki Valimir was formerly called Toren, a Man who has made horrifically violent and racist statements on social media against Women and immigrants.

We asked Buehrer to correct this article and he declined.

In 2014, mainstream publications like the Village Voice run articles in support of Men’s Rights Activists with a racist agenda.

Stuart’s “article” ends with a congratulatory note to MRAs getting the Gender Identity Watch Facebook page shut down, because mainstream liberals celebrate the censoring of feminist voices. Stuart seems unaware that Facebook employee Gabe Harrison, a Man who identifies as a Woman, has prioritized banning feminist speech on Facebook.


Claire Kohner @ClaireRightHere @TheMNColumn and Transwoman “Journalism” (USA)


Claire Kohner is a Man who identifies as a Woman who apparently works as a journalist. He also believes that Women exposing the violent, threatening and abusing statements Transwomen make to Women is equal to Women knowing he is male – and that both are abusive.

He also lives as a Man in real life. Specifically, this man:

Craig Richard Kohner

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Sarah Schulman @sarahschulman3 (USA)


On September 30, 2014, Sarah Schulman, a novelist, playwright, screenwriter, nonfiction writer, AIDS historian,  journalist, and active participant citizen, said she would debate Cathy Brennan on issues around gender identity. Brennan accepted Schulman’s challenge and provided her with her email address to arrange such an event. To date, Schulman has not responded.

Sarah Schulman – Naive Old Person’s Question_ How is it..


The Regional Labor Court of Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany) ruled against a transsexual woman who claimed she was discriminated against based on “sexual identity” (when she was not hired for a job. The court concluded that the employer diod not know that the applicant was transsexual and thus could not discriminate against her based on transsexualism. The applicant sought compensation under the German General Equal Treatment Act, which prohibits discrimination based on (i) race and ethnic origin, (ii) gender, (iii) religion or ideology, (iv) disability, (v) age and (vi) sexual identity broadly defined and related to sexual relationships between one person and another). Employers must prevent any discrimination based on these characteristics for all terms and conditions of employment, including selection criteria.

The Regional Labor Court ruled out that a violation of the General Equal Treatment Act could be shown to exist only if the defendant had positively known of the transsexualism and made a decision on such basis. The claimant’s transsexualism, however, was not revealed until in the grounds for appeal.

Guide to the German General Equal Treatment Act.

Manager mistakes female job applicant for a male No Discrimination.

Manager mistakes female job applicant for a male_ no discrimination on grounds of transsexualism – Lexology.

Zoe Quinn @TheQuinnspiracy and #gamergate (USA)


Zoe Quinn is a games developer who was the subject of online harassment after her scumbag ex-boyfriend posted alleged details about her private life, thus kicking off the Men’s Rights “Gamer Gate.” Sadly, Quinn demonstrates her anti-lesbian credentials and panders to her fan base by embracing the anti-lesbian term TERF, invented by two heterosexual Women to minimize the concerns Lesbians and other Women have about gender identity and transgenderism. One of the inventors of the slur TERF, Viv Smythe, is connected to Geek Feminism, which recently prioritized the feelings of Transwoman Rapist Dana McCallum over the fact that Dana McCallum is a rapist.

All of these people have existed online for years, telling each other that penis is female and gender is fluid. We encourage these people to interact with reality-based humans from time to time to counter their delusions.


Re-stating our support for the victim/survivor in the Dana McCallum case

Tim Chevalier of Geek Feminism has filed a spurious DMCA claim because we posted this blog post in a PDF on our website. Apparently, Tim Chevalier does not believe that observers have the right to read what Geek Feminism writes on its blog and comment on it. We will challenge the DMCA, and invite you to read our post at statement on rape allegations and transmisogyny

Liz Henry of Geek Feminism has filed a spurious DMCA claim because we posted this blog post in a PDF on our website. Apparently, Liz Henry does not believe that observers have the right to read what Geek Feminism writes on its blog and comment on it. We will challenge the DMCA, and invite you to read our post at

Autumn Sandeen @AutumnSandeen @TransgenderHULK @LGBTWeekly @transadvocate (USA)


Autumn Sandeen is a Man who identifies as a Woman who has written an op-ed about the alleged outing of the anonymous blogger Gallus Mag by theTransadvocate‘s Cristan Williams and Dana Lane Taylor and his opinions on the art of a Woman they believe to be the blogger Gallus Mag. Despite the fact that there is no evidence that this Woman is, in fact, Gallus Mag, Sandeen opines at length about her art and what it represents about her psychology. Sandeen, of course, suffers from mental illness, by his own account, and is not in fact trained in diagnosing people over the Internet.

As an aside, the art by the Woman these Men are harassing is pretty great; you can see it here.