CaptureBare Reality is an art project of Laura Dodsworth that purports to examine how 100 Women feel about our breasts. One of her “women” is a male who identifies as a Woman. He writes about his feelings thusly after his transition, which included breast implants:

Men noticed me a lot more, they became more attentive. If I was out with friends a man might come across and ask to buy me a drink. I had offers of dates from strangers. It was very flattering. I was finally myself and getting attention from men. I had wolf whistles, comments like, “She’s good-looking”. It made me feel good about myself.


When I finally got my breasts it was like winning the lottery. I was so pleased. I’ve got the complete picture now. I’m so proud of them. I love them.

Dodsworth should specify that her project is actually about 99 Women and One Man discussing how they feel about their breasts.

BARE REALITY_ 100 women and their breasts by Laura Dodsworth — Kickstarter.

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