Darius Ishun Green

Zahara Green, formerly known as Darius Ishun Green, is suing the Georgia Department of Corrections in two separate lawsuits for sexual assaults he endured while incarcerated for shoplifting. Green, a transgender woman, alleges that the DOC housed him with another inmate who repeatedly sexually assaulted him.

All people have a right to safety while incarcerated.  Although we oppose housing male inmates with female inmates, we believe that prison systems must create safe space for male inmates who identify as women.

Green previously filed a lawsuit pro se based on similar alleged facts, but agreed to dismiss that lawsuit.

Green v. Hooks

Woman With History Of Robbing Walmarts Captured After Alleged Shoplifting In Soddy Daisy – 05_22_2011 – Chattanoogan.

Prior Dismissal.

Green v. Hooks Motion to Dismiss Denied.

Southern District of Georgia CM_ECF 6 First.

Green v. Hooks.

Southern District of Georgia CM_ECF 6 2.

A Transgender Woman Says She Was Locked In A Cell With Her Rapist.

Green v. Calhoun.

Southern District of Georgia CM_ECF 6.