Darnell v. Jones (USA)


Ronny Darnell was convicted in 2005 of repeatedly raping a 13-year-old girl in 1997. He recently lost his lawsuit saying he was harassed in prison.  He sought sex change surgery as damages for the harassment. He tried to convert his lawsuit into a class action, but was unsuccessful.


Darnell v. Jones Order.

Darnell Letter.

Darnell Complaint.

Darnell Motion for Summary Judgment.

Darnell Motion.

Darnell v. Jones.

Darnell Docket.

One thought on “Darnell v. Jones (USA)

  1. Darnell who was convicted of raping a 13 year old girl wants hormones, laser hair removal treatment, and a “transgender specialist”. He also wants a new name change to go along with his laser hair removal treatment. He wants to be known as “Phoebe Halliwell”.

    Instead of tax payers paying for laser hair removal and a “transgender specialist” for a child rapist, more money should be spent on counseling for victims of rapists like Darnell.

    It’s disgusting and outrageous…

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