Toth v. Schwarzenegger (USA)

R.C. Toth aka Angela Brandywine was a transgender woman prisoner who was housed at Pleasant Valley State Prison (“PVSP”) from March 8, 2007 to September 20, 2009.  Toth was “housed at PVSP from March 8, 2007 to September 20, 2009. During her time as PVSP,  she was subjected to a homophonic/transphobic environment and an atmosphere unsympathetic to transgendered (“TG”) and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and/or Questionable (“LGBTQ”) prisoners. She was constantly faced with humiliation, unnecessary force, segregation placement, false reports, seizures, loss of property, cell searches, and assaults by other inmates.”   Toth claimed to have incurred injuries as a result of this abuse and filed an 8th Amendment lawsuit.  The court dismissed the lawsuit.

Toth v. Schwarzenegger.