S.E. Smith @sesmithwrites @KernelMag @dailydot (USA)


S.E. Smith is a Woman who wrote an article for The Daily Dot that The Kernel republished. In it, she asserts that someone she calls the “TERF community” “delights” in harassing transwomen and “following them to the homes, families and workplaces.”

This is sheer fantasy. It is embarrassing that such misogynistic propaganda would appear in what ostensibly claims to be a news publication.The point of such propaganda is to shame Women for asserting a boundary against Men who identify as Women. Men who identify as Women routinely harass Women for rejecting their belief that mere identification with “being a Woman” trumps material reality.

If Smith needs evidence that Women are harassed by these Men online and in reality, she could actually “do some research.” She could “try Google.”  She might start with how these Men censor every single Woman attempting to meet without their presence. She might try looking for the numerous documented death threats against Women.  The reality is, Smith is not interested in actually researching this topic, because she embraces this ideology herself, and she believes that Women who do not deserve to be threatened and do not have the right to push back against such abuse.