.@Facebook @nyteshade & @SisterRoma Drag Queens (Internet)

CaptureffFacebook has started cracking down on the names people are using on the site in an effort to “keep our community safe.”  According to Business Insider, among those affected by this policy shift are drag queens more well-known by their stage names or nicknames. 

Drag queens started a petition to change the policy, and Business Insider seems clueless as to why Facebook would crack down on drag queens, given the “gender identity” customization option on Facebook to allow users to pick 50 different words to identify their preferred gender identity.  The customization option was a project of Gabe Harrison, a Facebook employee and a man who identifies as a woman with a history of harassing women online.

Business Insider does not know that Men like Harrison hate drag queens, because drag queens affirm that Men like Harrison are actually Men, and that being a Woman is not an identity.  This hatred reared its ugly male head most visibly with Parker “Chad” Molloy, a white heterosexual man stating how he hates Ru Paul, a black gay man beloved by Gay People all over the world for blazing a trail Molloy has never, and will ever, walk.

Business Insider also fails to discern that the Facebook policy disproportionately impacts Women who use fake names on the Internet to avoid abuse from Men’s Rights Activists who identity as Women, or Women who use fake names to avoid abusive ex-boyfriends, husbands or other stalkers.

One of the drag queens, Sister Roma, tweeted that Facebook will meet with the drag queens to discuss the policy.  We hope Sister Roma remembers her Lesbian sisters who also use pseudonyms online to avoid Men like Gabe.