John Pilley, a Man who adopted a Woman identity known as Jane Anne, made legal history in 1999 when he became the first inmate in England and Wales to be granted permission for a sex change operation. He underwent the gender reassignment operation on the NHS in 2001 at an estimated cost of £15,000.

Pilley, 54, was then moved to a female prison serving life for attempted murder and kidnapping a female taxi driver, but after living in the female jail has decided to become a man again. He had a second operation on the NHS, and was transferred to a male prison.

Pilley underwent seven years of hormone treatment, after which he won the right to have a sex change operation. He was initially refused permission by the Prison Service to have the operation, but the service dropped its opposition after taking legal advice. He was allowed to wear women’s clothing in his cell at night but wore men’s clothes during the day. The Prison Service has refused to comment on the case.

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