Susan Herr & DapperQ @dapperQ Liza Cowan @DYKEaQuarterly (USA)

weirdSusan Herr is the founder of DapperQ, “the premier fashion, lifestyle, and empowerment website for the ‘unconventionally masculine,’ including masculine presenting women, gender-queers, and trans* identified individuals.” Susan banned Liza Cowan, who maintains the website DYKE: A Quarterly, from the DapperQ Facebook page over a political disagreement over the use of the term “transmaculine,” among other language.

Herr has every right to ban whoever she wants from her Facebook page. However, she also posted a “name and shame” post, allowing Cowan no right to respond. Further, Herr DELETED an interview she conducted with Cowan in 2012 from the DapperQ website.

The GLBT Community is in a sad state of affairs when Women cannot disagree with GLBT-approved lingo.

You can read the interview with Liza here.

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One thought on “Susan Herr & DapperQ @dapperQ Liza Cowan @DYKEaQuarterly (USA)

  1. Thanks, Gender Identity Watch. It’s been quite the little kerfuffle.

    Just to be clear, it was not Susan Herr who interviewed me, but a DapperQ editor named Anita Dolce Vita, who really went to bat for me with Susan when Susan was wary of publishing it because it might anger or alienate her readers.

    And I think it’s important to note that they (or Anita) approached me for the interview. I’d never even heard of DapperQ. Now they say they only published it to let their readers know about my “agenda.” I’m not clear what my agenda even was, except to talk about Lesbian clothing and style in an interesting way, and to promote the DYKE A Quarterly online archive.

    They say the interview is transphobic. I can’t imagine what they are reading.

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