Sue Kerr & Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents @PghLesbian24 (USA)

sue kerr

Sue Kerr is an anti-lesbian Lesbian blogger for Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents. She is one of the signers of the anti-woman, anti-lesbian petition against the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival.  In a recent video produced by Nancy Gold, a heterosexual man who identifies as a lesbian, she talks about transgender visibility and her support for transpeople to take space.

Kerr also blogs for the anti-lesbian Bilerico Project, which also signed into the petition against Michfest.

How amazing would it be if Kerr realized that Women also have a right to take space and be visible as Women!

In the video, Kerr also blames the murders of Transwomen on lesbians, despite the fact that Transwomen are overwhelmingly killed by Males.

5 thoughts on “Sue Kerr & Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents @PghLesbian24 (USA)

  1. (1.) This sad and mis-informed woman doesn’t understand that there are many MTFs who “transitition” in mid-life after spending half their lives as men. They are heterosexual men who would never think of calling themselves gay and have never given one cent to any GLBT organization. Frank Malone, heterosexual, divorced father of three, former boxing promoter became a “woman” at age 60. He is also known for homophobic remarks. Before he became a “woman”, didn’t he say that gay people shouldn’t be allowed to adopt children? Men like Malone can be as sexist and homophobic as the next straight guy, but once they start to “identify as women” all is forgiven. What did men like Malone do for the GLBT before he started to “identify as a woman” (sometimes called autogynephilia)?

    (2.) She also fails to mention rampant lesbian phobia coming from transgender activists such as the “Cotton Ceiling” which transgender activists knew was deeply offensive to lesbians. Lesbians have no political obligation to have sex with transwomen (men who “identify as women”). Truth be told, lesbian phobia is just as pervasive as transphobia.

    (3.) Ms. Kerr ignores death threats and harassment of “TERFs”. For a sample of threats and hate speech, click on this link.

    (4.) She fails to acknowledge the fact that male on male violence is responsible for the vast majority of hate crimes involving great bodily harm or death to transgender identified persons.

    “In the video, Kerr also blames the murders of Transwomen on lesbians, despite the fact that Transwomen are overwhelmingly killed by Males.”

    Most violent crime is committed by males, and male on male violence is tragic and deadly.

    (5.) As to Mich Fest, below is a good link about Michigan Women’s Music Festival. Mich Fest is held on privately owned land, and as I understand it, the owner has the right to exclude anyone.

    (6.) Ms. Kerr ignores the fact that “gender identity” laws do violate the privacy rights of women and have endangered the safety of women. Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook is one example. This sexual predator gained access to two different women’s shelters by claiming transgender status. He sexually assaulted homeless women. How did he get into the women’s shelters to begin wit?. He called himself “Jessica” and identified as transgender. Although not charged with a crime for exposing himself to teenage girls, why should girls and women have to see Colleen Francis (Clay Scott) Francis and “her male genitalia”.

    (7.) She ignores the fact that men who “identify as women” have been convicted of murdering and raping women and sexually molesting girls. The examples are too numerous to mention here.
    Robert, “Michelle, Kosilek, Richard, “Sherri”, Masbruch, Kenneth Hunt, “Katheena Sonyee”, Luis Morales, “Synthia China Blast”, Ronny Darnell, David Megarry, “Sandy Jo Battista”, Paul, “Paula”, Witherspoon, etc.

    • 1. Trans women were also instrumental in the LGBT movement, such as at Stonewall.

      2. Trans women don’t think they’re entitled to sex with lesbians. Most would rather not deal with someone that doesn’t consider them as women at all.

      3. Does she also ignore the death threats and historical violence against trans people by trans exclusionary “radical feminists”?

      7. I could come up with a longer list of cis women that have been convicted of murder and rape, but it’s as irrelevant as your list.

  2. Hi Cathy!

    3. Yes. That has happened. You actually orchestrated the death threats against and attacks on a young trans person’s home in Portland, last year, when you published their information and home address. They called you to let you know what they thought of you, you looked up their information with their telephone number, published their home address, and then sat back and laughed while their mother (oh, by the way, this was a teenager) begged you online to remove it. Then they received a bunch of telephonic death threats and their house was vandalized. All this you have been made aware of.

    You are a liar. You know. Like that time you lied and told people I was involved in a fracas at the Law and Disorder conference when I was in a city three hours away.

    • So what you’re saying is I threatened a male who called me to harass me?

      You’re an idiot. You believe males have a right to harass women. They don’t. If you do, we will expose you.

      And you are welcome to sue me for sullying your porn soaked piece of garbage name.

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