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A child of three has apparently become one of the youngest ever to be seen by National Health Service doctors for possible gender identity disorder.  The infant was seen by medics at the Portland Clinic in London. The child was the youngest of 468 under-18s seen in the past 12 months. It is not known if the patient is a boy or a girl, although seven boys are referred for every girl.

Treating children for “gender identity disorder” or “gender dysphoria” constitutes child abuse, and we believe it is the parents of these children who need treatment.

PB 025 13 GIDS Information for Parents Patient Info Leaflet v4_0.

Three Year Old Becomes ‘Youngest Child to Have Sex Change Treatment’.

Toddler aged 3 assessed for sex change at top London clinic – Mirror Online.

5 thoughts on “Portland Clinic @NHSEngland (UK)

  1. NHS doctors who are committing eugenics against this child and other children must be prosecuted for violating children’s right of bodily integrity. Doctors giving dangerous drugs to these children are committing a crime.

  2. Any treatment a child of that age receives for gender dysphoria is going to be purely psychological. Presenting it as anything else is grossly misrepresenting the facts. Hopefully the psychologists the family sees are encouraging them to allow any kind of gender expression and as I recall WPATH includes making sure children know that they can always detransition, if they do decide to transition. At which point they can still grow up completely normally depending on age and level of medical intervention (nothing permanent until teenage).

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