Martin Rothblatt (USA)

Martin Rothblatt, the 59-year-old founder of United Therapeutics, a publicly traded, Silver Spring, Maryland–based pharmaceutical company, is a Man who identifies as a Woman named Martine.  He is now listed as the highest paid female CEO in the United States, even though he is not female.

Martin represents the problem of allowing Men to serve as proxies for Women, much like how Lana/Larry Wachowski, also a Man who identifies as a Woman, is now magically the highest grossing Women director ever.

Martine Rothblatt Is the Highest-Paid Female CEO in America. She Was Also Born Male.

5 thoughts on “Martin Rothblatt (USA)

  1. Martin Rothblatt is a male and as such he still is a highly paid male CEO! Men continue to deny women the same salaries as men!

  2. Similar to Frank Malone and other men who “transition” in midlife, Rothblatt is another man who used his white male privilege to further his career and now decides that he “identifies as a woman”.

    Mr. Martin Rothblattt is not a female. He is not a woman.

  3. I thought that was fascinating and I ended up liking both of them. I like that Martine acknowledges his male origins and what that meant for his career (well, I’d say he’s still male) and that he doesn’t bother with the ridiculous hyper femininity of the more recent trans examples like cox and mocks. I was surprised that I liked them both, but I did.

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