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Walter Lee Williams is a Man who travelled to Southeast Asia to sexually assault young boys. He is also a former Gender and Women’s Studies professor at the University of Southern California. Williams has written about the “berdache,” a concept in Native American cultures analogous to transgender.  He wrote in 1986:

How many genders are there? To a modern Anglo-American, nothing might seem more definite than the answer that there are two: men and women. But not all societies around the world agree with Western culture’s view that all humans are either women or men…

Among many cultures, there have existed different alternatives to “man” or “woman.” An alternative role in many American Indian societies is referred to by anthropologists as berdache…

Briefly, a berdache can be defined as a morphological male who does not fill a society’s standard man’s role, who has a nonmasculine character. This type of person is often stereotyped as effeminate, but a more accurate characterization is androgyny. Such a person has a clearly recognized and accepted social status, often based on a secure place in the tribal mythology. Berdaches have special ceremonial roles in many Native American religions, and important economic roles in their families. They will do at least some women’s work, and mix together much of the behavior, dress, and social roles of women and men. Berdaches gain social prestige by their spiritual, intellectual, or craftwork/artistic contributions, and by their reputation for hard work and generosity. They serve a mediating function between women and men, precisely because their character is seen as distinct from either sex. They are not seen as men, yet they are not seen as women either. They occupy an alternative gender role that is a mixture of diverse elements.

In their erotic behavior berdaches also generally (but not always) take a nonmasculine role, either being asexual or becoming the passive partner in sex with men. In some cultures the berdache might become a wife to a man. This male-male sexual behavior became the focus of an attack on berdaches as “sodomites” by the Europeans who, early on, came into contact with them…

Berdachism is a way for society to recognize and assimilate some atypical individuals without imposing a change on them or stigmatizing them as deviant. This cultural institution confirms their legitimacy for what they are…

American Indian cultures have taken what Western culture calls negative, and made it a positive; they have successfully utilized the different skills and insights of a class of people that Western culture has stigmatized and whose spiritual powers have been wasted.

A Gender Variance Who’s Who_ Walter L. Williams (1948–) anthropologist.

Walter Lee Williams once on FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted pleads guilty to having sex with Asian boys _ Mail Online.

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  1. Another horrible aspect of the Walter L. Williams story is that people in academia and the LGBT community suspected that Williams was a predator but looked the other way. People feared that Williams would use his celebrity clout to ruin them.

    Quotes below are from this article:

    “What I did not know about until today was that Walter was rumored to have slept with the young androgynous Native American men who were his sources for The Spirit and The Flesh, according to one very knowledgeable source who said Walter left a string of broken hearts as he moved on from one group to another. There was a lot of “buzz” among gay and lesbian anthropologists that what Walter had done and the way he collected information was “unethical” and he might have even “crossed a line,” the source said. But no one ever really wrote about it or challenged him because he had a way of ruining reputations and winning arguments.”

    “I can’t believe it’s taken so long,” said another knowledgeable gay source. “Everything about Walter is a string of lies. He convinces himself and others he’s working for a higher cause. There were people who were suspicious. I tried to warn people, but Walter was an expert liar. He’d tell you want you wanted to hear while he’d make you feel important. He could justify all sorts of things. And he could ruin lives.”



    According to Williams’ LinkedIn profile, he was awarded the “Gandhi King Ikeda Award in Human Rights, presented by the Morehouse College Gandhi Center for Reconciliation” in 2006.

    And also:

    “For the last five years, Dr. Williams has been living much of the time in Thailand, including part of that time living on a Buddhist monastery. Two years ago in Bangkok he gave a televised much-noted speech at the 4th International Buddhist Conference, calling for the absolute equality of women and sexual minorities in all Buddhist institutions. He is currently doing research for a book about the social acceptance of homosexuality and transgenderism in Thai Buddhism.”

  2. “He now faces prison sentence of no more than five years, 10 years of supervised release and $25,000 restitution ”


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