Stanton v. City of Largo @nclrights (USA)


The National Center for Lesbian Rights represented a Man who identifies as a Woman when he was (wrongly) fired from his job.

Do you still think the National Center for Lesbian Rights represents Lesbians?  Why is the National Center for Lesbian Rights taking money from Lesbians and putting that money to work for Men?

Journey from Steven to Susan captured in new documentary – CNN.



Stanton v. City of Largo.

One thought on “Stanton v. City of Largo @nclrights (USA)

  1. Stanton is a heterosexual male and a father. He no doubt used his white, heterosexual privilege to advance in his career while the doting wife stayed home with the kids. Before he “transitioned”, did he give one dime to the NCLR, or to any women’s organization? I don’t think so, but now he expects women and lesbians to use their limited resources on his behalf.

    He is still a man. I don’t think he should be fired because he likes to wear a dress or makeup, but no one can force me to believe that this father is a woman. He also needs to use the men’s restroom at work or in public.

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