AJ McKenna @AnathemaJane @SoSoGay (UK)

Here is McKenna blabbing about Caleb Hannan, a Man who lied to a reporter and got caught.

AJ McKenna is a heterosexual man who identifies as a lesbian. He works for a publication called “Soso Gay,” for which he wrote an “article” about people supporting Tamikka Brents, a Lesbian and a mixed martial arts fighter who understands that Lesbians are female.  McKenna believes Brents cannot call herself “an advocate for the LGBT community” because she understands biology.

In his “article,” McKenna asserts his opinion that Lesbians and Gay Men who reject that self-identification overrides biological sex are “transphobes.”  What McKenna fails to discern is that (1) he’s male; (2) we don’t care what he thinks; and (3) reality is not transphobic.

He also cannot believe that Lesbians and Gay Men have the gall to disagree with him – in public.

The reality is, McKenna is a White Heterosexual Male targeting a Black Lesbian for daring to stand up for Lesbians.

Unbelievably, McKenna is the “Deputy Editor” of Soso Gay magazine. In its introduction of him to its readers, Soso Gay wrote that one of the reasons it brought him on board was because “(w)e are also keenly aware that there is an imbalance in favour of articles of particular interest to gay men; we are absolutely determined to ensure that women find sources of entertainment and stimulation on Soso Gay.”

Soso Gay fails, obviously, because McKenna is a Man.

10557416_575119119266707_3269325363265319505_n Tamikka Brents responds to criticism of transphobia...

Tamikka Brents_ a fighter happy to have transphobes in her corner.

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  1. The video of McKenna is very disturbing. He sounds like a delusional dude…

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