Mount Holyoke College @MountHolyoke (USA)

enhanced-32126-1406044166-3Open Gates is a student led community organization dedicated to the full inclusion of men who identify as women at Mount Holyoke College.  These women – ages 18 to 21 – seems to believe that Womanhood is something that “does not reside in documentation.

We agree. “Womanhood” is what those of us born female experience.

However, Mount Holyoke College will now allow Men to attend the school.

Open Gates MHC.

Mount Holyoke Students Advocate For The Inclusion Of Transgender Students Their Women’s Colleges.


3 thoughts on “Mount Holyoke College @MountHolyoke (USA)

  1. WTF does “womanhood does not reside in documentation” mean? The human species is sexually dimorphic and all primates reproduce sexually. No primate can change its sex.

    Will males who “identify as women” be allowed to use the same restrooms and locker rooms as females? So, males can have fully intact male genitalia and still sleep in the same dorm room and use the same restroom, shower, locker room with a female student?

    I serioulsy doubt in the majority of female students want this.


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