Rodney Quine, 55, is a Man who has been incarcerated since 1981, when he was 22. He has filed lawsuits against the State of California in the past for failure to be “sensitive” to GLBTQ inmates. He is now suing the State as “Shiloh,” a transgender woman, for treatment for Gender Dysphoria, including sex reassignment surgery. A California federal court recently ruled in favor of giving Quine taxpayer-funded legal counsel to represent him in his lawsuit.
Quine is serving time for first degree murder, kidnapping and robbery. This is precisely the kind of person who should not receive a free lawyer to help him sue the state for cosmetic surgery. He also has a history of filing lawsuits that do not go anywhere.
Quine v. Brown Sensitivity Lawsuit Dismissal.
Quine v. Brown Current Lawsuit.
Quine v. Hill 2.
Quine v. Hill.