Equality Michigan @Equality_MI & and Anti-Trust Laws (USA)

Kate Kendell, NCLR

Kate Kendell, NCLR

A lesbian lawyer has posited that Equality Michigan, a homophobic GLBT rights organization that has targeted the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, has violated the Sherman Act.  The Sherman Act outlaws “every contract, combination, or conspiracy in restraint of trade,” and any “monopolization, attempted monopolization, or conspiracy or combination to monopolize.”  The U.S. Department of Justice handles Sherman Act complaints, and you can file a complaint here.

In a letter to the National Center for Lesbian Rights’ Kate Kendell, the lawyer wrote:

The most obvious among these is the clear violation of the Sherman-Anti-trust act. That Equality Michigan seduced your corporation and other corporations: a.k.a organizations, to enter into a conspiracy to restrain trade and commerce among several states is patently obvious. As you well know, the Clayton Act extended the Sherman Act to encompass “private parties” and provides for recovery of treble damages and the costs of the suit which includes reasonable attorney fees.
Artists who lost employment as a result of this “blacklisting” can document their actual economic damage. Additionally, a class of thousands of consumers who purchased festival tickets suffered economic loss, as well as a class of festival vendors who suffered economic loss as a result of the continuing demand that performers at the festival “publically declare support to end the festival’s antiquated and anti-business policy of exclusion” while in the employ of the festival.
Equality Michigan demands disruption of the festival by artists who perform at Michigan, thereby co-opting artists as their representatives through association to destroy the festival through a continual interference with contractual relations. This continued disruption of the quality of the festival interferes with the expectation of the consumer who purchases the ticket and dissuades potential consumers from attendance. This contractual interference results in an economic loss of value to consumers from many states who purchase a ticket and expend hard earned income to travel to the festival. The demands publicized on the Equality web site, to which your organization gives implicit approval of, clearly continues to embody McCarthyism and are intended to inflict economic harm on the woman business owner. Your organization which advertises itself as “The National Center for Lesbian Rights” is a pawn in this endeavor and you are the poster woman for their shameful attack.

8 thoughts on “Equality Michigan @Equality_MI & and Anti-Trust Laws (USA)

  1. Ma’am, I am not anti-lesbian. But I find it very offensive that you seem to think that you have the right to dictate or who isn’t anti-lesbian. And I find it very offensive as well as ironic that you accuse me of being anti-lesbian when you are attacking your own lesbians sisters for standing up for the transgender community. Take a look in the mirror. You are what you claim to hate.

    • Lesbians do not need to be told who is a lesbian, sir. Lesbians are adult human females who love other adult human females.

      Persons with penis are not lesbians, because they are not adult human females. They are men, usually with a fetish or other porn soaked idea of what gender they feel like.

      Adult human female lesbians do not prefer penis. Period. End of story.

      I worked for civil and gay rights for many years. I’m not afraid to say that the transgender “womanface” caricature of subordinated femininity is not lesbian. Heterosexual fetish? Since when is your fetish a female responsibility to cater? Oh, right, just like all-time patriarchal demands.

      Males trying to tell lesbians what to believe and say is what offends me. A gender identity disorder does not compell me to join the delusion illusion. Penis? Man. Oozing fake vagina stump w/o any reproductive capacity? Man.

      I do not hate transgenders, wish them freedom from the male violence all females abhor. I wish civil rights on transgenders but males do not magically change biological sex to females by a wishin’ or a hopin’. They deserve respect as Transgender. They aren’t lesbians.

      I can think any way I like, Sir, about my sex and gender. And, I don’t have to believe all the T version, because it is horse shit.

      Adult human females and children need to have safe spaces where persons with penis are prohibited – toilets, changing and bathing facilities, domestic violence shelters and prisons. Many transgender are convicted of murder/rape/torture of adult human females and children. Do not endanger the majority of the population for the gender identity disorder of a few.

      • Do you have studies done on how many are “… with a fetish or other porn soaked idea of what gender they feel like.”? I’m curious to see what percent “usually” is. Of the trans women I know, I’d say that’s 0%. Heck, of the trans women I know I’d say the percent that regularly look at porn is 0%. Most have probably seen porn before, though, similar to other women.
        There are many “adult human female lesbians” that date transgender women. I imagine you’re right that they “do not prefer penis” but they’re interested in women, not worrying about whether they’re lesbian enough for your definitions.
        What is this caricature you say transgender people present? Last I checked trans women ran the same gamut of expression as other women and most probably hate gender stereotypes even more than you do.
        I would guess that there are more cis women that are convicted of those crimes than there are trans women convicted of them. Further, trans women need those same services too. They suffer things like domestic violence at an even higher rate.

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