Barbra “Babs” Siperstein AKA Barry Siperstein @Babscs @TheDemocrats (USA)


Babs Siperstein is a man formerly called Barry who identifies as a woman who was elected as a member of the Democratic National Committee’s Executive Committee in 2011. Siperstein recently penned an anti-gay, anti-woman post that makes clear that the Democratic Party has abandoned both Women and Gay people in favor of a transgender ideology that places White Men in positions of power – again.  Barry “came out” as a Woman in 2007.

We encourage readers who are members of the Democratic Party to ask party leaders when it was decided that Women must support a woman-hating, rape culture ideology that tells Women we are not entitled to set boundaries or advocate for issues that impact us as Women.



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  2. was just thinking last night about how smart of a move for Democracts it would be to get a transwoman to run for president. Republicans would vote for them in droves

  3. So… a woman writes a post disagreeing with a group you support, and it’s somehow anti woman and anti gay? Yet your posts that are actually insulting aren’t hate or anti trans? I wonder how many times a trans person has driven a school aged child to the brink of suicide like the people running this site have done. My guess is 0.

    • Babs is not a woman. Here are Babs’ words in his own op-ed about what he thinks of women:

      “To be honest, my first reaction was… what kind of a real woman would want to run around in the insect ridden
      wilds of Michigan? Are you kidding? This is something you really want to do? Honestly, camping in the woods,
      bonding with nature and among our “own,” it sounded like a “guy” thing is what these “womyn” really want to

      This is the very definition of sex stereotyping. Babs believes that “real women” would not engage in activities he deems to be stereotypically male. Being in the woods and bonding with nature is apparently too rugged for “women.”

      “What drives these TERFs? Perhaps it is something very basic, insecurity, jealousy, maybe even penis envy?”

      Babs glosses over the valid concerns Women have raised about how transgenderism harms Women, specifically with regard to the elimination of our ability to say “no.” This is evidenced by the very subject on which he writes in his op-ed. He believes Women do not have the right to establish a boundary based on biological sex, because he has determined such boundary is not valid. It is perfectly understandable why a man with a lifetime of male privilege would think sex is meaningless, as he has never been oppressed on the basis of his sex. That does not make him right.

      So, yeah, I am quite comfortable that Babs is a misogynist. Given that Michfest is predominantly attended by lesbians, I am also quite comfortable asserting that his comments are anti-gay. It is common for MRAs to accuse lesbians of “penis envy” because we love Women.

  4. Siperstein is like boxing promoter Frank Maloney. Both are heterosexual men who “transitioned” in their later years after using their white male privilege to further their careers and to make money.

    “Barbra Siperstein came to her Perth Amboy synagogue on Sept. 13 to receive her new Hebrew name — and to celebrate her new identity as a woman after completing sex reassignment surgery.

    The former Barry Siperstein, a 65-year-old resident of Edison, legally changed her name to
    Barbra last year to reflect her new status. Last month’s ceremony changed her Hebrew name
    from Eliezer Banish to Baila Chaya…

    Siperstein also has two sons, who were unable to attend, and two grandchildren, age six and nine, who still refer to her as “Pop-pop.” “There was concern about how this would affect [the grandchildren] psychologically but they’ve seen it happen gradually,” said Siperstein. “While others around me see a woman, they still see me as Pop-pop and I’m still my children’s father.”

    “Later on, as I approached my mid-life crisis, I knew something was wrong. I had the Jaguars, the horses — my wife and I bred and raced trotters and pacers — all the boys’ toys.” (***Notice how he says he had all the “boys’ toys”).

  5. “He believes Women do not have the right to establish a boundary based on biological sex, because he has determined such boundary is not valid.”

    Men like Siperstein who were raised with male privilege have difficulty believing that women have any right to establish boundaries.

    He forgets to mention that Michigan Women’s Music Festival is held on privately owned land. What is so horrible about women having one week a year for a festival that is held on private property. On its website, Equality Michigan states that it can’t legally force the owner of the land to do anything. Still, they plan on harassing Vogel and tell performers to boycott her.

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